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Logo of the AAJ
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American Association for Justice (AAJ)

About the AAJ


  • Executive Director: Linda A. Lipsen
  • President: Bruce H. Stern

Mission and History

AAJ is committed to promoting a fair and effective justice system and supporting the work of attorneys in their efforts to ensure that any person who is injured by the misconduct or negligence of others can obtain justice in America’s courtrooms, even when taking on the most powerful interests.

The AAJ defends justice and fairness of injured persons and safeguarding victims' rights, with a particular focus on the right to trial by jury for injured persons. The AAJ also works to strengthen the civil justice system through education and disclosure of information critical to public health and safety.

The association began in a hotel by a group of nine plaintiffs’ attorneys involved in workers’ compensation litigation case and has grown into the world's largest trial bar association, consisting of member affiliates in the U.S., Canada and worldwide. Today, AAJ is a broad-based, international coalition of attorneys, law professors, paralegals, and law students.

To its members, the association offers many diverse areas of trial advocacy and provides lawyers with the information and professional assistance often needed to serve clients effectively. The organization seeks to protect the constitutional values inherent in the civil justice system.

Since founded in 1946 as the National Association of Claimants' Compensation Attorneys (NACCA), AAJ has changed names several times, including three name changes before 1973.

While the association is often recognized as the Association of Trial Lawyers of America (ATLA), in 2006 the organization officially changed its name to the American Association for Justice (AAJ).




Executive Committee

Bruce H Stern
Immediate Past President
Princeton, NJ
Tobias Lael Millrood
Philadelphia, PA
Tad Thomas
Vice President
Louisville, KY

Past Presidents

Elise Rochelle Sanguinetti
Emeryville, CA
Kathleen Lenehan Nastri
Bridgeport, CT
Julie Braman Kane
Coral Gables, FL

AAJ Members Active on Lawyer Legion

Nicholas Neidzwski
BoatLaw, LLP
San Francisco, CA
View Profile · Visit Website
Brian Doster Chase
Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys
Newport Beach, CA
View Profile · Visit Website
Robert E Ammons
The Ammons Law Firm LLp
Houston, TX
View Profile · Visit Website
Armando Gustavo Hernandez
Law Offices of Armando G. Hernandez
Miami, FL
View Profile · Visit Website
Eric Alan Steiden
Steiden Law Offices
Cincinnati, OH
View Profile · Visit Website
Robert Smead Hogan
Hogan Law Firm, PC
Lubbock, TX
View Profile · Visit Website

Master of Trial Law - Champions

Phillip H Miller
Nashville, TN
Ward M. Merdes
Fairbanks, AK

Contact the AAJ

American Association for Justice (AAJ)
777 6th Street Northwest
Washington, 20001
Toll-Free: (800) 424-2725

State-Level Civil Justice and Trial Lawyers Associations

At the state level, many other organizations advocate for the civil justice system and provide resources to attorneys representing plaintiffs in their state. Many of these organizations are affiliates of the AAJ. 

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More About the AAJ

Benefits of Membership


Resources for Lawyers

As a member of the AAJ, lawyers can benefit from a wide array of resources for attorneys, including legal research and exchange, free media training, join list servers to help lawyers find out what their colleagues are talking about and join one of AAJ’s 18 Sections, or choose from 100+ Litigation Groups to share information and expertise on specific types of cases.


When you become a member of AAJ, publications such as "Trial", AAJ's award-winning magazine for attorneys, law professors, judges and others in the legal community, will become available to you, both in print and online.

CLE Courses

In an effort to help foster the advancement of members and the entire legal community, the AAJ provides continued legal education (CLE) courses including over 40 professional training programs designed to continually enhance legal knowledge and provide fundamental trial techniques and strategies necessary to achieve a just outcome for your clients.

AAJ News

Stay up to date on the important top stories in legal news, what's happening around the bar, from within the AAJ and other important topics going on around the legal community.

Trial Lawyers Care (TLC)

In an effort to aid the victims of the September 11 attacks, AAJ responded by establishing the largest pro-bono project in American history, Trial Lawyers Care (TLC).

Over 1,100 lawyers provided representation to more than 1,700 victim families as a result of the formation of this charitable non-profit organization and over $200 million in legal services were made available free of charge.

TLC also created The Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund to help give aid to families and individuals impacted from the tragedy throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Membership in AAJ

AAJ membership offers provides opportunities for all levels of legal professionals involved in victims' rights, from students to lawyers to affiliates of the legal community. Members have access to abundant resources aimed to support education and opportunities for lawyers as well as the overall advancement of trial law.

Membership in AAJ provides networking opportunities with many of the top personal injury attorneys in the United States.

The AAJ 2019 Annual Convention had more than 3,000 people in attendance. The convention was held from July 27-30 in San Diego, California. At the First-Time Attendee & New Member Luncheon - first-timers got to mix and mingle with some of AAJ's convention veterans, long-time members, and AAJ Officers.

Types of Membership

  • Regular Member
  • President's Club
  • Associate Member
  • International Member
  • Government Member
  • Military Member
  • Law Professor
  • Paralegal Affiliate
  • Law Student

Join or Renew Your Membership in AAJ

If you would like to become a member of the Association for Justice (AAJ), or if you are already an AAJ member and would like to renew or upgrade your membership, you can do so by registering or logging in to the AAJ Membership page.

Historical Connection of the AAJ and NBTA

The National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) is a not-for-profit ABA-accredited legal specialty certification program.

An article appearing in AAJ's Trial Magazine in July of 1980 explained the close historic connection between ATLA/AAJ and the NBTA:  

“One of ATLA’s major issues today—one through which it hopes to make great strides in providing adequate legal representation—is the certification of legal specialists. For this reason, ATLA established the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA).”

True to this 35-year-old vision, more than 2,000 AAJ members have earned NBTA board certifications.

Directory of Personal Injury Lawyers in the United States

Lawyer Legion maintains a national directory of personal injury and civil plaintiff lawyers in the United States which includes both AAJ members and non-members. To help the public find the best choices when they search for a  lawyer, Lawyer Legion recognizes attorneys for their involvement and leadership within the AAJ and other professional associations. This includes recognition for AAJ Past Presidents, Leaders Forum members, Masters of Trial Law Champions, Diplomates, and AAJ members who have updated their Lawyer Legion profile to include information about their involvement with the AAJ.

Use this directory to find a personal injury lawyer in your local area. Start by choosing your state from the list below.

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