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Florida Justice Association

Florida Justice Association

Logo of the Florida Justice Association

The Florida Justice Association (FJA), formerly the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers (AFTL), works to protect the rights of individuals living in Florida while seeking justice in the state's civil court system.

With more than 3,000 members, FJA attorneys focus on representing plaintiffs in personal injury, medical malpractice, insurance, auto litigation, commercial law, government torts, products liability, and workers’ compensation claims.


The Florida Justice Association serves as a professional organization for personal injury lawyers in Florida and other types of attorneys within the civil justice system. The association also serves as an advocacy group.

The FJA opposes efforts to restrict an average citizen's right to the civil court system, often called "tort reform," and fights such matters in the Florida Legislature.

Benefits of Membership in FJA

Members enjoy discounts on continuing legal education (CLE) seminars and audio home-study programs on topics like ethics, jury selection, insurance, auto accidents, and medical malpractice. Membership also provides influence in the Florida legislature and other policy-making bodies on issues that are important to trial lawyers and the profession.

Membership also provides discounts on registration fees to CLE events, like the "Masters of Justice" seminar, "Workhorse" Seminar and Annual Convention.

Another benefit of joining the Florida Justice Association involves access to member-only sections of the website, including:

  • An online membership directory on the FJA website designed to connect members throughout the state to encourage referrals within the organization;
  • FJA Annual Workhorse Seminar - three-day seminar featuring many of Florida's most well-respected civil attorneys attended by approximately 250 lawyers each year;
  • FJA Annual Convention, a three-day seminar that includes the Welcome Reception, FJA Board of Director's Meeting, and FJA Committee Meetings;
  • FJA One-day Live Webinars and Seminars, which includes the Young Lawyer Webinar Series Sponsor, the Case Law Series, and the Monthly Webinar Sponsor;
  • Access to Depositions Online and Litigation Services;
  • JournalSearch with issues dating back to 1991; and
  • FJA Expert Witness and Vendor Guide.

FJA Networking Opportunities

Providing networking opportunities remain one of the most important benefits of membership in FJA. Networking opportunities include:

  • Invitations to Membership Appreciation Meetings at different locations throughout the year where members can network with other personal injury attorneys and leaders in the organization;
  • An invitation to the annual convention for CLE seminars and a trade show to meet vendors with solutions to practice management problems; and
  • The opportunity to get involved in FJA sections where members can share their knowledge in specific practice areas including the Young Lawyers Section, the Workers' Compensation Section, the Women's Caucus, and the Appellate Practice Section.

Many county-level justice associations also exist throughout the State of Florida including the Palm Beach Justice Association.

Types of FJA Memberships

The Florida Justice Association offers different types of memberships:

  • Attorney Membership,for attorneys whose personal practice includes less than 40 percent insurance defense or representing defendants in personal injury or wrongful death matters;
  • Paralegal/Legal Assistant Membership,for paralegals and legal assistants of FJA attorney members;
  • Student Membership in FJA, for law students who seek to adhere to FJA objectives; and
  • Citizen Membership, for citizens who believe in FJA values.

Contact Information for the FJA

Florida Justice Association
218 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Phone: (850) 224-9403
Fax: (850) 224-4254