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In addition to a robust lawyer profile page, Lawyer Legion publishes helpful information about the benefits of legal associations and certification programs for lawyers. Our primary areas of expertise are web design, development, branding, video production, and web marketing. We provide these services to law firms all over the United States.


Lawyer Legion is a platform that makes it easy for nonprofit legal associations to provide a robust online experience for their members by utilizing sophisticated web technology. Our network also enables legal associations to connect with their members and non-members to promote membership and upcoming events.

  • Video Production
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Web Design / Branding
  • Internet Marketing
High-End Websites for High-end Law Firms
Meltzer & Bell. P.A.
Meltzer & Bell. P.A.
Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski
Anderson Carey Williams & Neidzwski
Goldstein, Goldstein, Hilley & Orr
Goldstein, Goldstein, Hilley & Orr
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"OUR MISSION is to help people find a qualified attorney. Our unique system ranks lawyers based on objective criteria including membership and leadership in trusted specialty legal organizations, speaking engagements at CLE seminars, dedication to specific niche areas of the law, and participation in specialty board certification programs. Lawyer Legion is a free resource for the public and attorneys.”

empowering THE PUBLIC

Finding the right attorney can be a daunting task. Lawyer Legion empowers consumers by providing the public with a comprehensive and sophisticated lawyer directory in an online environment rich with information. By listing attorneys based on objective criteria, our directory helps the public discover information and make informed decisions.

serving LAWYERS

For attorneys, connecting with local consumers can be difficult given the increasingly competitive nature of the legal industry. Many attorneys are frustrated with internet marketing and the expense associated with other online directories. The Lawyer Legion directory provides lawyers with a valuable resource that helps them provide information to their ideal clients.


From local voluntary bar associations to national non-profit organizations, these groups are the foundation for a well-versed community of legal professionals. Legal associations play a pivotal role in activism, reform, education and community support for the legal profession. Our system provides legal associations with a convenient portal to help them stay connected with their members and communicate information on upcoming events such as seminars and conferences.


Lawyer Legion is one of the few online directories that allow you to search for board certified lawyer in the United States. Our directory includes attorneys in both national and state certification programs that have been accredited by the American Bar Association. We believe in acknowledging board certified attorneys for their specialized training and dedication to specific areas of the law.

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