Research the Law

When you begin your search for an attorney, it often helps to have a general overview of the practice area. This article includes information on choosing the best attorney, and the most important legal organizations or associations for those specialty areas of the law.

Researching legal topics that pertain to your circumstances might help you identify issues in your case. Although researching the law is an important first step, contact an attorney about the facts of your case if you are seeking legal advice.

Practice Areas

Admiralty law, also called maritime law, is the body of laws that governs anything that occurs on the ocean. It gives courts in the United States jurisdiction over events that happen to Americans... Read more »

Alternative dispute resolution could be the decision of the parties involved, court-ordered, or a clause in a contract that is the matter being litigated. Many cases are decided in ADR instead of... Read more »

Bankruptcy is under federal jurisdiction. As a result, the court hears bankruptcy matters in federal court. A trustee is usually appointed to manage affairs. The debtor may hire a bankruptcy lawyer to represent... Read more »

Children cannot make most legal decisions because children do not  possess this "capacity." Many legal issues have a very powerful effect on children and the interests of the child... Read more »

When a person pays for a product or services, those products or services should meet reasonable expectations that they are what the person is paying for. If that does not happen, certain laws... Read more »

A criminal accusation touches on some of the most important civil liberties in the United States. Convictions could result in numerous penalties, from incarceration to a criminal record... Read more »

It is illegal in every state to drive under the influence of alcohol to the point where a person's ability to operate a motor vehicle is impaired. While there are varying state laws... Read more »

As people grow older, a particular subset of laws becomes more relevant to their daily lives. The impact of theses laws on senior citizens and their ability to have quality representation... Read more »

Most states are "at-will" employment states, meaning employees can be hired and fired with any or no reason. However, there are laws that protect workers from discrimination and harassment... Read more »

After a person dies, the law intends for an orderly passing of that person's assets to family members. Each state has certain laws that create a framework for how the passing is... Read more »

Family law is the portion of the law that governs people's personal relationships with each other. Most family law matters begin with divorce when the legally binding relationship of marriage... Read more »

Immigration law governs who may come in and out of the United States, how long they may stay, who may become a citizen, and how they become citizens. All immigration law is federal law... Read more »

Lawyers are supposed to represent their clients' best interests, and their clients put a very large amount of trust in their attorneys' abilities to navigate the complicated legal system and advocate... Read more »

Marijuana is a natural product derived from a plant, also known as the cannabis plant, that has been used by people for millenia, mostly for smoking. It has many well-documented medicinal uses for relieving... Read more »

Doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses, and other medical professionals accept high expectations upon entering their field. Their patients put their lives in medical professionals' hands. In legal... Read more »

When a person has been injured, harmed, or wronged by another party, the U.S. legal system allows that person to seek justice in civil court system. Civil actions called torts include personal injury laws... Read more »

Buying and selling real estate involves high stakes and many complicated legal issues. Whether the property is residential, commercial or for a farm or ranch, there may be difficult legal issues surrounding... Read more »

Social Security is a federal program that people who receive income in the United States pay into payroll taxes. Social Security is part of the "safety net" in the United States that protects... Read more »

Tax law or taxation law attorneys handle legal issues arising as a result of federal, state or local income, estate, gift, ad valorem, excise, or other types of taxes... Read more »

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