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Lawyers can earn Board Certification in a number of specialty areas of practice. Board Certified Specialists have demonstrated the highest levels of knowledge, experience, and excellence in a particular field of practice.

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Texas Board of Legal Specialization

Texas Board of Legal Specialization

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In Texas, the Texas Board of Legal Specialization ("TBLS") certifies attorneys as a specialist in one of 21 different areas of practice. Approximately 10% of licensed attorneys in Texas are board certified.

Today, TBLS has certified more than 7,000 Texas attorneys, several with multiple certifications, issuing a total of more than 8,300 Certificates of Special Competence. 

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization is the largest single state certification program for lawyers in the United States. TBLS also has the greatest percentage of board certified specialists in the United States.

The Bar Rules in Texas prohibit any attorney from advertising as a "specialist" unless she or he has earned certification from the Texas Board of Legal Specialists. TBLS also accredits several national organizations approved by the American Bar Association to certify attorneys as specialists.

Board-certified lawyers in Texas must attend ongoing continuing legal education (CLE) and show continuing involvement within the field of practice.

Watch a video from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization published on October 2, 2015. The video features several TBLS certified attorneys discussing the importance of becoming board certified. Also visit the TBLS YouTube channel to find more videos on advice for new lawyers, the impact of board certification, the importance of continuing education.

History of TBLS

The State Bar of Texas formed TBLS in 1974 with the passage of the Texas Plan for Recognition and Regulation of Specialization of Law. The 12-member board is appointed by the president of the Bar to three-year terms. Some of the board members must be specialists, and others must be of general practice. The body is under the oversight of the Texas Supreme Court.

The TBLS also certifies paralegals. Today, more than 300 paralegals have distinguished themselves with board certification. 

Requirements for Attorney Certification in Texas

To become a certified attorney specialist in Texas, the following general requirements include:

  • having at least five years experience, at least three of which involve substantial involvement with the specified specialty area;
  • completing Board-approved Continuing Legal Education (CLE) requirements;
  • providing at least ten (10) qualified references for peer evaluation;
  • providing documentation of experience; and
  • passing a written examination in the area of specialization.

TBLS Area of Specialty in Texas

Texas certifies lawyers in twenty-one (21) areas of practice including:

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization seeks comment from State Bar of Texas members on the proposed specialty area of "property owners association law." POA law involves services dealing with common-interest developments such as:

  • condominiums, subdivisions and mixed-use developments;
  • individual owners of such properties; and
  • their mandatory-membership associations.

Property owners assocation law has been recognized since 1979, when the State Bar’s Real Estate, Probate, and Trust Law Section sponsored its application and appointed a Committee on Condominium and Common Interest Ownership. The proposed certification standards name POA law a sub-category of the current real estate law specialty area alongside commercial, residential, and farm and ranch.


ABA-Accredited Organizations Approved by TBLS

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization may also accredit organizations that are also accredited by the American Bar Association to certify attorneys as specialists. Organizations that currently hold that accredition include:

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