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Oil, Gas, and Mineral Law Board Certification in Texas

In Texas, attorneys can become board certified in the specialty practice area of "Oil, Gas, and Mineral Law." The specialty practice area was launched in 1986.

For purposes of becoming board certified, the Texas Board of Legal Specialization has defined the term "Oil, Gas and Mineral Law" to include "laws dealing with ownership, production, land titles, surface use, financing of oil, gas and minerals as well as conveyances, contracts, and other transactional documents."

At last count, 390 attorneys have earned their status as a specialist in Oil, Gas and Mineral Law in Texas.

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About Oil, Gas, and Mineral Law Board Certification in Texas

Attorneys who become Board Certified in Oil, Gas and Mineral Law have the following qualifications:

  • practicing law full-time for at least 5 years as an active member of the State Bar of Texas;
  • having at least 3 years of Oil, Gas & Mineral Law experience with a yearly minimum 35% substantial involvement with Oil, Gas & Mineral Law matters;
  • handling Oil, Gas & Mineral matters or transactions that meet substantive requirements;
  • having references from judges and lawyers in the area;
  • completing 60 hours of TBLS approved continuing legal education in Oil, Gas & Mineral Law;
  • meeting all of the TBLS Standards for Attorney Certification; and
  • passing a comprehensive 6-hour examination in Oil, Gas and Mineral Law. 



Board Certified Oil, Gas & Mineral Law Specialists Active on Lawyer Legion

Brian W. Farabough
Lovell, Lovell, Isern & Farabough, LLP
Amarillo, TX
View Profile
Alexander A Kuiper
Kuiper, Wheat & Associates
Houston, TX
View Profile
Clint J. Hays
Law Office of Clint J. Hays, P.C.
San Antonio, TX
View Profile

Directory of Board Certified Attorneys in Oil, Gas and Mineral Law in Texas

Although not all qualified attorneys are board certified, attorneys who have earned their status as a certified specialist have taken the extra step of submitting to evaluation. 

To help the public find a board certified attorney in Oil, Gas and Mineral Law in Texas, Lawyer Legion maintains this directory. 

Lawyer Legion is the only commercial lawyer directory to properly acknowledge all ABA-accredited specialization programs and provide a dynamic directory of virtually every lawyer who has earned each certification.

Use this directory to connect with lawyers who are board certified specialists in Oil, Gas and Mineral Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Start by choosing your county from the list below.

Natural Resources / Oil and Gas Lawyers by County


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