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Privacy Policy

Lawyer Legion is a service that the public can use to find attorneys and research the law. Lawyers may also register their profiles and add personal information. In the process of performing this service, Lawyer Legion may collect information from users. Some of that information could be used to identify the user. Users and Lawyer Legion agree to this Privacy Policy to safeguard information. The Lawyer Legion Privacy Policy is a part of the site's Terms and Conditions.

Lawyer Legion will not sell or distribute any information it collects from registrants or users to third parties.

Collecting Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Lawyer Legion may collect information from users during use that cannot be used to personally identify the user via web server logs and other services used to identify traffic, devices use to access Lawyer Legion, sources of traffic, and browser types. Lawyer Legion compiles this information to better understand and serve its audience. Lawyer Legion may submit this information to third parties, like Google Analytics, to assist in analyzing the information.


Lawyer Legion uses cookies. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer. These files allow Lawyer Legion to remember information about your visit. While they assist with features on Lawyer Legion, they do not collect personal information about you. You may disable cookies on your browser.

Users and Registrants

For the purposes of this privacy policy, we will distinguish between users of the site and registrants of the site. A "user" is a person who is utilizing Lawyer Legion to find a lawyer, research a legal issue or otherwise use Lawyer Legion in a way the general public is intended to use it. A "registrant" is a lawyer who is listed in Lawyer Legion who registers to claim his or her profile and add his or her information to the profile.

User-Provided Information

A user may submit personal information to Lawyer Legion using the "Contact" feature in the Find a Lawyer section. The user may submit a name, phone number, email address, and information about the situation for which he or she is seeking an attorney. Lawyer Legion sends all this information directly to the lawyer to the email address that is publicly available for the lawyer.  Lawyer Legion does not store, index, or review any of these submissions. Users will receive no further communication from Lawyer Legion.

However, Lawyer Legion makes no warranty that the email address the information will be sent to is accurate, or that the email address is maintained and read. Contacting the lawyer through Lawyer Legion does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Registrant-Provided Information

A registrant may provide information to Lawyer Legion when building his or her profile. Lawyer Legion may use this information to:

  • Publish on the registrant's profile.
  • Contact the registrant regarding any problems or issues with the registrant's profile.
  • Request feedback on Lawyer Legion's services.
  • Send you information on Lawyer Legion's services as the website develops new capabilities.
  • Send you information about the provider of Lawyer Legion, Internet LAVA, LLC.

Lawyer Legion and its provider will not sell or distribute any information it collects from registrants or users to third parties. Only Lawyer Legion and its provider will have access to said information.