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Editorial Guidelines for Lawyer Insights Submissions

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Lawyer Insights on Lawyer Legion, the fastest-growing professional networking platform for attorneys. Lawyer Insights provides our lawyer members to publish news stories, blog articles, legal interpretation, and personal insights into important legal topics.

In order to get the most out of your profile and blog posts, please follow our submission guidelines for profiles and blog posts as follows:

Headlines -  Headlines should be clear and specific and should grab the attention of the reader. The headline must clearly convey the topic of the story. The headline cannot be a vague keyword phrase or topic. For example: “Overview of DUI Laws in Ohio.” Instead, the headline should tell the reader the specific topic. For example: “The Constitutionality of Breath and Blood Draws in Ohio DUI Cases.”

Content – The content of the article should focus on a story or a specific legal issue and provide educational information along with personal insight.

Links – Each article should link to at least one external web page containing relevant and supporting content. Lawyer Insights articles should not contain more than one external link per 100 words based on the wordcount of the article.

Unique vs. Duplicate – At least 50% of the articles you post must be unique to Lawyer Legion. You can post a syndicated blog article from your website or another source. To do this, you must select “duplicate” and provide the URL of the original source. For duplicate articles, we will provide a canonical link to the original source, this will help search engines prioritize duplicate content. You cannot post multiple duplicate articles unless you have an equal number of unique articles.

Frequency –Maximum 2 posts allowed per day per lawyer.

Author – The author of the article must be the same lawyer as the account in which it is posted.

Content– Do not post content copied from your website to Lawyer Insights. For example, please do not copy your biography, case results, or practice area pages and post it as a Lawyer Insights article. Instead your biography should be posted to the “Attorney Biography” and case results should be posted to the “Case Results” sections of your lawyer profile. You can post a blog or story from your website as long as it meets the editorial guidelines.

Images– Please provide an image to go with the story. Please avoid using images that may be copyrighted or otherwise not authorized for use. Please upload an image that roughly describes the content of the post and is PG appropriate.

Enhanced Distribution – For lawyers who have upgraded to the Lawyer Legion Enhanced Profile, unique articles will receive widespread distribution. They will be featured on the homepage and relevant search result pages and menus. When it comes to sharing blog posts through Lawyer Insights, 50% of the content should be original and not duplicated or syndicated posts. All original Lawyer Insights must be originally authored by the attorney. Plagiarized content will not be allowed on Lawyer Legion. The content of the article cannot exist on another website and therefore should not be detected by copyscape.

If you have any questions or concerns about the guidelines or your submissions, please contact our support and we will help you as soon as we can.