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Guidelines for Creating a New Lawyer Profile

To become listed in the Lawyer Legion network, you will need to either claim your existing profile or create a new lawyer profile. Many lawyers are already listed in our system, even if they have not submitted any information to us.

Claiming an Existing Profile

To become active and gain control of your existing lawyer profile page, you will need to claim your profile by proving your identity and creating a Lawyer Legion account. Find your profile and click "CLAIM YOUR PROFILE" to get started. If we have your current email address in our system, you can claim via email.

If both your email and phone number are outdated, you can request a manual verification and one of our agents will verify you and provide you with login access so you can update your profile. If you are unable to claim your existing profile, no worries. Just create a new one. When we verify your new profile, we will also delete the existing one that you were unable to claim.

Creating a New Profile

If you are not currently listed in our system or are unable to gain access to your existing profile page, you can create a new lawyer profile. When a new lawyer profile is created, we will look at it to check for the following items to make sure they are all included before we verify the profile. Once the profile is verified, it will be listed in search results and visible to the public.

If the profile cannot be verified because it does not meet our guidelines, it will be rejected. When a newly created profile is rejected, the user will receive an email explaining the reason(s) why it was rejected. After the profile has been fixed by the user, it will be automatically resubmitted for consideration. The following information will outline the guidelines for creating a new lawyer profile and joining our network.

  1. Name:  Your lawyer profile page must contain your real name as it appears on file with your state bar or licensing organization. The first, middle, last and suffix fields must be an exact match to the individual lawyer who the profile page is for. The name field cannot contain the name of your law firm, a combination of multiple lawyer’s names, the name of a business, keyword phrases or anything other than the individual lawyer's name.

  2. Bar License:  Each lawyer profile page must be for an individual lawyer who is licensed to practice law in at least one (1) U.S. state. Along with each state bar license, you must include the year of admission.

  3. Bar Number:  Lawyers in states that assign them with a bar number, bar ID number, board of bar overseers' number, or registration number, must include this number in the Bar Number field. If you are unsure of your bar number or unable to locate it, don't worry. We will input it for you. Lawyers in states that do not assign them with bar numbers or do not display the bar numbers on their website or online member directory can leave the Bar Number field blank or just input any number they like.

  4. Headshot:  Every lawyer profile must include a headshot. The headshot must be a photograph of the individual lawyer’s face. It cannot be an image of the law firm’s logo or a photograph of any other subject matter. It is recommended that the lawyer upload a professional headshot image that is at least 250x312 pixels. If you create a new lawyer profile page but do not upload a proper headshot, we will upload it for you. If we are unable to find a photograph of the lawyer, our system will reject the profile until a proper headshot is provided.

    TIP: If you would like to include an image of your logo, please upload it to the Work Experience section of your profile. To include other images, please use the Photossection of your profile.

  5. Practice Areas:  Every lawyer profile must include Practice Areas. Your profile will only be found in search results for practice areas that you specify on your profile. Without practice areas, your profile will not show up in search results.

  6. Website:  If you include your website link, the website must contain your name. If you link to a website that does not mention you by name, the profile may be rejected by our system.

  7. Address:  Every lawyer profile must include a legitimate address located within the United States or U.S. territories. We currently do not include lawyer profiles for Canada, Mexico or any other countries outside of the United States.

    Each lawyer profile is allowed up to 2 address locations, one primary and one secondary. Duplicate profiles for the same lawyer are not allowed.

    TIP: If you would like to include three (3) or more addresses for your firm, please create Lawyer Legion profiles for the other attorneys in your firm. For example, if you have six (6) locations, create profiles for three (3) different lawyers, each profile containing two (2) address locations.

  8. No Duplicates!Every lawyer who licensed to practice law in the United States is allowed to have one (1) Lawyer Legion profile page. You cannot create multiple profiles for the same lawyer. If we discover multiple profiles for the same attorney, we will delete the duplicates from our system.

    TIP: Create Lawyer Legion profiles for every attorney in your law firm! This will provide for better visibility

Tips for Maximizing the Visibility of your Lawyer Legion Profile

To get the most from your Lawyer Legion experience, follow each of these tips. Each of the following will help you gain more visibility for yourself and your law practice.

  1. Complete your profile as close to 100% completion as you can! The more complete the profile is, the better it will rank in search results! Sometimes, outranking your competitors is simply a matter of adding more information to your profile page.

  2. Upload your logo in the Work Experience section of your Lawyer Legion profile page.

  3. Association Memberships will help you rank better in search results. Especially if you are a "Life Member," "Sustaining Member," or "Past President" of an organization that is recognized by our system. For legitimate nonprofit legal associations that are specific to particular practice areas, including your membership will boost your profile's rank for those practice areas.

  4. Law School should always be included in the Educationsection of your profile. Make sure to add your alma mater!

  5. Upgrade your profile for better visibility. The Lawyer Legion Enhanced Profile has a ton of benefits. The greatest benefit is that you will rank above all the free profiles for every single practice area that you want to! Now, that's not reason enough to upgrade right now. Plus, you will have more links to your website and can eliminate competitor ads from your page. By upgrading, you will automatically advertise your profile on your competitor's free profiles.

Tips for Getting Your Newly Created Profile Approved Quickly

Once you create a new lawyer profile, it will be pending approval and not yet live. Each user-created profile must be approved manually by our editorial team before it is published to the live environment. We will check each of the guidelines listed above to ensure only high-quality profiles are published. Our platform receives hundreds of submissions every week for new profiles, so we have a long queue of submissions. Therefore, we must prioritize these pending profiles. Here are some tips that will ensure your new profile is approved quickly:

  1. Upgrade to the Lawyer Legion Enhanced Profile: Paid profiles will always be prioritized over free profiles. Therefore, upgrading to the Lawyer Legion Enhanced Profile will ensure that your profile is approved immediately.

  2. Include a quality headshot:Your headshot must be a photograph of your face. Profiles with high-quality, professional headshots will always be approved faster. Profiles with low-resolution images or low-quality headshots such as car selfies may not be approved. Your headshot should look great. Do not use a group photo, full-body photo, an image of your logo, or images containing text. Other photos can be uploaded to the Photos section of your profile.
  3. Use a valid email address: The email address used to create your account should be the attorney's real email address. Email domains that match the domain of your website will always be approved faster. For example, if your website is "abclawfirm.com" then preferably, your email address should be "yourname@abclawfirm.com" in order to ensure fast approval. If you use a generic email domain such as @gmail.com, then your profile will not be prioritized in our pending profiles queue, and may not be approved at all. Or it may just take longer.
  4. Complete your profile as thoroughly as possible: Your profile completion percentage can be seen on the left side of your edit profile page. The closer to 100%, the higher priority and faster your profile will be approved. Complete all fields and provide as much information as possible to ensure fast approval.