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Attorneys Board Certified in Juvenile Law in Texas

Attorneys who focus on juvenile law can become board certified. For purposes of the board certification program, the term "juvenile law" involves the judicial and administrative proceedings for children under the age of 17 years old that are arrested or have been detained in a criminal matter.

Lawyers who specialize in juvenile law help clients with a broad range of issues including:

  • detention hearings
  • pre-trial hearings
  • jury adjudication hearings
  • disposition proceedings
  • negotiations
  • proceedings seeking certification or transfer to criminal court
  • determinate sentence proceedings
  • probable cause determinations
  • juvenile appeals
  • state and federal remedies
  • school discipline
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About Board Certification for Juvenile Law in Texas

Lawyers who are board certified in juvenile law help clients with a broad range of hearings including detention hearings, pre-trial hearings, and jury adjudication hears.

Juvenile proceedings include disposition negotiations, proceedings seeking certification – transfer - to criminal court, and determinate sentence proceedings.

Juvenile law includes probable cause determinations, juvenile appeals, state and federal remedies, school discipline, special education, alcoholic beverages, and transportation.

Task Requirements to Become Board Certified in Juvenile Law

To become board certified in juvenile law in Texas, the attorney must provide information as required by TBLS concerning specific tasks he or she has performed in Texas juvenile law.

In evaluating experience, TBLS may take into consideration the nature, complexity, and duration of the tasks handled by the attorney.

The attorney must provide the number of juvenile law matters that he or she has participated within the 3 years immediately preceding application in each of the following categories:

  • Jury adjudication hearings;
  • Non-Jury contested adjudication hearings;
  • Pleas of true and stipulations of evidence;
  • Detention hearings;
  • Dismissals and sanction level one dispositions;
  • Cases placed on deferred prosecution;
  • Cases decided on pre-trial motions;
  • Disposition proceedings;
  • Modification of disposition proceedings;
  • Proceedings involving mentally ill or retarded children;
  • Proceedings involving records sealing or destruction;
  • Parole revocation proceedings;
  • Certifications to criminal court;
  • Determinate sentence proceedings;
  • Release/transfer hearings under determinate sentence act;
  • Hearings to transfer determinate sentence probation to adult probation;
  • Proceedings representing clients subject to with removal or expulsion from school (including truancy), or special education ARD hearings;
  • Juvenile appeals;
  • State or federal post-adjudication procedure or remedies;
  • Other matters involving youths’ rights and the need for legal representation within the juvenile probation or correctional system. 

Directory of Board Certified Attorneys in Juvenile Law in Texas

Although not all qualified juvenile attorneys are board certified, attorneys who have earned their status as a certified specialist have taken the extra step of submitting to evaluation. 

To help the public find a board certified attorney in juvenile law in Texas, Lawyer Legion maintains this directory. 

Lawyer Legion is the only commercial lawyer directory to properly acknowledge all ABA-accredited specialization programs and provide a dynamic directory of virtually every lawyer who has earned each certification.

Use this directory to connect with lawyers who are board certified specialists in juvenile law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Start by choosing your county from the list below.



Juvenile Defense Lawyers by County

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