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Estate Planning and Probate Law Board Certification by the TBLS

Estate planning and probate law involves advising clients on a host of issue including the best ways to conserve and protect property through wills and trusts, transfer property through gifts and wills,  providing financial resources for minors or disabled, elder law issues, probate proceedings in court, minimizing taxes on estates, drafting legal documents, and representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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About TBLS Estate Planning and Probate Law Specialization

Attorneys who are Board Certified in Estate Planning & Probate Law have meet the following qualifications:

  • passing a 6-hour examination in Estate Planning and Probate Law;
  • meeting the TBLS Standards for Attorney Certification;
  • completing 60 hours of TBLS approved continuing legal education in Estate Planning & Probate Law;
  • providing references from judges and lawyers in the area;
  • having at least 3 years of Estate Planning & Probate Law experience with a yearly minimum 25% substantial involvement in Estate Planning & Probate Law; and
  • maintaining a fulltime practice for at least 5 years as an active member of the State Bar of Texas.



TBLS Board Certified Estate and Probate Law Specialists on Lawyer Legion

Christopher Parvin
Chris Parvin Estates and Probate Law
Dallas, TX
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Karen K Akiens
Akiens Law Firm PLLC
Magnolia, TX
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Paul Franklin Wright
The Wright Firm, LLP
Dallas, TX
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Christopher David Jones
Sprouse Shrader Smith
Amarillo, TX
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Rick Weaver
Arlington Bankruptcy Attorney Rick Weaver
Arlington, TX
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Directory of Board Certified Attorneys in Estate Planning and Probate Law in Texas

Lawyer Legion maintains a directory of board-certified estate planning and probate law specialists in Texas amongst a broader directory of both certified and non-certified lawyers in Texas and throughout the country. Although not all qualified estate planning and probate attorneys are board certified, attorneys who have earned their status as a certified specialist have taken the extra step of submitting to evaluation. To help the public find a board certified attorney in estate planning and probate law in Texas, this directory includes both certified and non-certified lawyers. 

Lawyer Legion is the only commercial lawyer directory to properly acknowledge all ABA-accredited specialization programs and provide a dynamic directory of virtually every lawyer who has earned each certification.

Use this directory to connect with lawyers who are board certified specialists in probate and estate planning by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Start by choosing your county from the list below.

Estate and Probate Law Lawyers by County


More About Board Certification in Estate Planning and Probate Law in Texas

Definitions for the Estate Planning and Probate Specialty

For purposes of the specialty certification program at TBLS, the term "estate planning and probate law" is defined to include the practice of law involving the Texas Probate Code, Texas Property Code the Internal Revenue Code and other federal, state and local statutes and interpretive material in connection with matters in which issues of estate planning and probate are significant factors.

According to the legal definition, the practice of estate planning and probate law includes, but is not limited to:

  • representing clients in the administrative appeal and litigation of tax issues involving transfers of assets during lifetime and at death; 
  • representing clients in cases before the Internal Revenue Service and other taxing authorities and courts with respect to proposed, completed and ongoing transactions and other matters involving tax issues which are related to estate planning and probate law; 
  • representing clients by litigating contested probate and guardianship issues in trial and appellate courts;
  • representing clients before courts which hear and decide cases involving decedent’s estates and guardianships;
  • drafting legal instruments to effectuate the clients’ estate plans, (e.g., wills, trusts and other legal documents);
  • analyzing, planning and making recommendations for the conservation and disposition of clients’ estates in accordance with the clients’ expressed desires, including tax effects and consequences; and
  • consulting with clients and giving advice regarding estate planning, probate and guardianship law.

Task Requirements to Become Board Certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law in Texas

To become board certified in estate planning and probate law, the attorney must have devoted a minimum of 25% of his or her time practicing estate planning and probate law during each year of the 3 years immediately preceding application.

Task requirements for Estate Planning and Probate Law include showing sufficient involvement in a substantial portion of the activities described in both of the following categories within the 3 years immediately preceding application: 

  • (a) Estate Planning
    • Counseled clients in estate planning, including giving advice with respect to gifts, life insurance, wills, trusts, business arrangements and agreements, and other estate planning matters.
    • Prepared or supervised the preparation of estate planning instruments, e.g., simple and complex wills, including provisions for testamentary trusts, tax deductions and elections; revocable and irrevocable inter vivos trusts; business planning agreements; powers of attorney and other estate planning instruments.
  •  Estate Administration and Tax Matters
    • Represented clients with respect to the probate and/or administration of decedents' estates and trusts, including dependent and independent administration and muniments of title, guardianships, determinations of heirship, and will and trust litigation;
    • prepared, reviewed, or supervised the preparation of federal gift, estate, and generation skipping transfer tax returns, Texas inheritance tax returns, and U.S. fiduciary income tax returns; and representation before the Internal Revenue Service, state taxing authorities, or the courts, in connection with such tax returns and related controversies

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