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Kansas Association for Justice (KsAJ)

The Kansas Association for Justice is a non-profit specialty bar organization for trial lawyers in the State of Kansas. The organization was formally known as the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association (KTLA).

Many of the top personal injury attorneys in Kansas belong to this respected organization. Additionally, members include trial attorneys focused on a variety of other practice areas including criminal defense, elder law, consumer law, family law, and workers compensation.

The organization works to protect individual rights in the civil and criminal justice system, the right to trial by jury, independence of the judiciary, and high standards of ethics. The organization trains and educates lawyers in trial techniques and courtroom advocacy.

Contact Information:

Kansas Association for Justice
719 SW Van Buren
Suite 222
Topeka, KS 66603
Phone: (785) 232-7756
Fax: (785) 232-7730
Contact us: info@ksaj.org

Benefits of Membership in KsAJ

The benefits of joining KsAJ include:

  • quality continuing legal education seminars;
  • networking opportunities at events held throughout the year;
  • a more unified voice on issues impacting the civil and criminal justice system;
  • access to the listservs that connect the membership; and
  • a subscription to KsAJ bimonthly professional Journal with timely articles.

History of the KsAJ

In 1951, the Kansas chapter of the National Association of Claimants Compensation Attorneys (NACCA) was formed. The state chapter of NACCA eventually evolved into the Kansas Association of Plaintiff Attorneys (KAPA). The KAPA became known as the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association (KTLA) from 1972. In 2007 the name was changed again, this time to the Kansas Association for Justice (KsAJ).

Over the years, the organization has set the professional standard for plaintiffs’ attorneys and created aspirational guidelines for its members called the Pillars of Professionalism. The organization has fought to strengthen the laws that protect consumers within the civil justice system.

This article was last updated on Thursday, September 5, 2019.