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Consumer Attorneys of California

Consumer Attorneys of California

Logo of the Consumer Attorneys of California

The Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) was founded in 1961 as a professional legal organization that provided support and continuing legal education to its members. Prior to 1995, the CAOC was known as the California Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA).

Today, the CAOC has grown to more than 3,000 attorneys in California who focus on representing plaintiffs and consumers in civil tort and personal injury cases. The CAOC is headquartered in Sacramento, CA.

CAOC member attorneys represent clients on a wide range of claims, including personal injury, wrongful death, product safety, defective products, defective drugs, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, insurance bad faith, and employment discrimination cases.

CAOC serves both as a professional organization for California personal injury attorneys and other lawyers who represent plaintiffs, and as an advocacy group that opposes legislation that would limit courtroom access for those without ample resources.

Benefits of Joining the Consumer Attorneys of California

The benefits of becoming a member in the Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) include:

  • Invitation to attend the annual convention where consumer attorneys in California gather to take part in seminars, workshops, and networking events;
  • Discounts on continuing legal education (CLE) registration fees for in person and on-line seminars;
  • Networking opportunities including membership in the Diversity Committee, the Women's Caucus and the New Lawyer's Division;
  • Access to TrialSmith's Online Deposition Bank with depositions from more than 250,000 experts depositions;
  • Access to e-mail list servers and job bank;
  • Copy of CAOC publications including Forum articles;
  • Access to the attorney and vendor directories; and
  • Discounts from various vendors and service providers.

Videos Published by CAOC

This video was produced by the organization and published on August 6, 2012. It highlights many of the benefits of joining the Consumer Attorneys of California and the good work it does in the community.

In addition to the Consumer Attorneys of California, many county level organizations exist throughout California including:

In 2015, seventeen (17) CAOC members were recently named as the Daily Journal's top labor and employment attorneys in California including:

Dan Stormer;
Douglas Silverstein;
Carney Shegerian;
C. Joe Sayas;
Jahan Sagafi;
Norman Pine;
Charles Mathews;
David Lowe;
Therese Lawless;
Debra Hurst;
Genie Harrison;
Lee Feldman;
Kathryn Dickson;
David deRubertis;
Kelly Dermody;
Lawrance Bohm; and 
J. Bernard Alexander III.

Past Presidents of CAOC

Brian S. Kabateck - 2013
Niall P. McCarthy - 2012
John A. Montevideo - 2011 *
Christopher B. Dolan- 2010
Christine Spagnoli- 2009
Don A. Ernst - 2008 *
Raymond P. Boucher- 2007
Frank Mario Pitre - 2006
Sharon J. Arkin - 2005
James C. Sturdevant - 2004
Bruce M. Brusavich - 2003
Robert E. Cartwright, Jr. - 2002
Bruce A. Broillet- 2001
Thomas J. Brandi - 2000
Mark P. Robinson, Jr. - 1999
Rick Simons - 1998
David S. Casey, Jr. - 1997
Mary E. Alexander - 1996
Wayne McClean - 1995
Doug deVries - 1994
Gary Paul - 1993
Ronald Rouda - 1992
Ian Herzog - 1991
Laurence E. Drivon - 1990
Harvey R. Levine - 1989
J. Gary Gwilliam - 1988
Browne Greene - 1987
Peter Hinton - 1986
Robert B. Steinberg - 1985
H. Greig Fowler - 1984
Roberta Ritter - 1983
John Gardenal - 1982
William Shernoff - 1981
Arne Werchick - 1980
Sanford Gage - 1979
Ralph Drayton - 1978
Wylie Aitken - 1977
LeRoy Hersh - 1976
Elmer Low - 1975
David B. Baum - 1974
Floyd A. Demanes - 1973
Herbert Hafif - 1972
 Hon. William H. Lally - 1971
Thomas T. Anderson - 1970
 Ned Good - 1969
Leo M. O'Connor - 1968
Robert E. Cartwright, Sr. - 1967
Robert G. Beloud - 1966
Jack H. Werchick - 1964-65
Edward I. Pollock - 1963
Marvin E. Lewis - 1961-62

Contact Information

Consumer Attorneys of California
770 L St, Ste 1200
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 442-6902
Fax: (916) 442-7734

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