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Orange County Trial Lawyers Association OCTLA

Formed in 1963, the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association provides superior education and training for attorneys, access to the collective knowledge of the members. Many of the top personal injury attorneys in Orange County, CA, belong to this trusted organization.

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Membership gives civil trial lawyers a more united voice to promotion and support of laws which correct injustice and protect access to the civil justice system. The OCTLA hosts many social events each year including the annual Installation of Officers & Awards Program, Softball Game and Family Picnic in the park, Past Presidents Dinner, Membership Mixers and various other fun social networking events throughout the year. Members enjoy an invitation to the annual Gala Celebration.

OCTLA is governed by the Executive Officers and the Board of Directors. The board members and officers are elected for a one-term year. The organization also employs a paid Executive Director and maintains an office in Laguna Hills, CA. 

The organization offers several different types of memberships including:

  • Attorney
  • Paralegal (Legal Assistant)
  • Law Student
  • ADR
  • Affiliate Membership

Businesses and experts who provide products and/or professional services to the plaintiffs' bar have the opportunity to become affiliate members.

Contact Information:

Orange County Trial Lawyers Association
23412 Moulton Parkway, Suite 135
Laguna Hills, California 92653
(949) 916-9577
Fax (949) 215-2222
email: info@octla.org

Mission of OCTLA

The mission statement and goals of the OCTLA include:

  • To preserve the constitutional right to trial by jury.
  • To promote the administration of justice.
  • To promote the public good through concerted efforts to secure safe products, a safe workplace, a clean environment, eliminate discrimination, and quality health care.
  • To promote the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity among trial lawyers.
  • To protect the right of injured victims.
  • To encourage cooperation among members.
  • To improve the quality of legal representation by educating trial lawyers and other legal professionals.
  • To encourage cooperation among members.
  • To represent the interests of plaintiffs' trial lawyers and their clients.

Standing Committees of the OCTLA

The standing committees of the OCTLA help the organization accomplish its short term and long term goals. Members are encouraged to take on leadership positions within the standing committees which include:

  • Membership Committee - Reviews and approves new membership benefits; solicits new members to join OCTLA.
  • Education Committee - Plans and evaluates educational programs throughout the year; proposes new educational publications.
  • Courts Committee - Liaisons to the various bench-bar committees of the Superior By-Laws
  • By Laws Committee - Review and update (as needed) the Associations by-laws.
  • The Gavel Committee - Advises on editorial and advertising content and solicits articles for publication.

Past Presidents of OCTLA

The past presidents of the OCTLA include:

2020 Jonathan Dwork
2019 B. James Pantone
2018 Geraldine Ly
2017 Hon. Shaina Colover

2016 Vincent D. Howard
2015 Ted Wacker
2014 Casey R. Johnson
2013 Scott B. Cooper
2012 Douglas W. Schroeder
2011 Yoshiaki C. Kubota
2010 Anne Andrews
2009 Alan C. Brown
2008 Keith P. More
2007 Brian D. Chase
2006 John C. Adams, III
2005 John A. Luetto
2004 Jeffrey A. Milman
2003 John ‘Jack’ Veth
2002 Eric V. Traut
2001 Richard A. Cohn
2000 John P. Burns
1999 Daniel M. Hodes
1998 John A. Montevideo
1997 David P. Crandall
1996 Susan C. Kelley
1995 Peter A. Noronha
1994 Hon. Lon F. Hurwitz
1993 Lawrence S. Eisenberg
1992 Steven R. Kuhn
1991 Jean Hobart
1990 Gary Chambers
1989 Hon. Thierry P. Colaw
1988 Hon. James Di Cesare
1987 Troy D. Roe
1986 Mark E. Edwards
1985 John R. Cogorno
1984 Fred V. Munoz

1983 William J. Howard
1982 Robert I. Schwartz
1981 Mark P. Robinson, Jr.
1980 Nicholas C. Byhower
1980 Donald N. Belveal
1979 Michael D. Pursell
1978 Eugen C. Andres
1977 Ronald B. Schwartz
1976 Garald J. Orman
1976 Robert N. Christensen
1975 Hon. Karl C. Frank
1974 Marvin O. Burton
1973 Bruce N. Osterhout
1972 Wylie A. Aitken
1971 Peter M. Gwosdof
1970 Theodore S. Wentworth, Jr.
1969 Wilbur S. Vaughn
1968 William Dougherty
1967 Stanley J. Hafer
1966 Glen T. Bashore
1963–1965 Ralph I. Callen

Additional Resources:

Orange County Trial Lawyers Association on Facebook - Follow the OCTLA on Facebook to keep up with news, press releases and upcoming events announced by the organization.

Attorneys in the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association

The OCTLA advocates for the protection of individuals and their access to civil justice. As Orange County's premier advocate for the protection of individuals and their access to civil justice, its members including many of the best civil trial and personal injury attorneys in Orange County, CA.

The mission of this trusted organization is to protect the rights of people who have been harmed by the wrongful acts of others, provide education and training, and support laws which correct injustice and protect access to the civil justice system. Learn more about civil trial lawyer associations in Calfornia.

This article was last updated on Thursday, September 5, 2019.