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Vermont Association for Justice

Vermont Association for Justice

Logo of the Vermont Association for Justice

The Vermont Association for Justice (VTAJ) is a statewide non-profit association of trial lawyers. VAJ serves to support trial attorneys through Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars, publications, and networking opportunities.

With nearly 400 members, the VAJ is one of the largest legal organizations in the state.

Contact Information

Vermont Association for Justice (VTAJ)
1 Main Street Suite 305
P.O. Box 1366
Burlington, VT 05402-1366
Phone: (802) 861-7999
Fax: (802) 861-7995

Purpose of the VTAJ

As an affiliate of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, membership in the organization is available to attorneys who regularly represents the plaintiffs in Vermont personal injury cases or workers' compensation cases. The headquarters for the organization are in Burlington, VT.

VTAJ has emerged as a powerful force in state politics. The VTAJ's political action committee, the Vermont Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, provides contributions to candidates that support individual rights in an adversarial civil justice system.

The purpose of this nonprofit educational association include:

  • upholding and defending the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Vermont;
  • promoting and advancing the administration of justice for the public good and trial by jury;
  • training in all fields and phases of advocacy;
  • advancing the cause of those who are injured in person or property and who must seek redress therefore; and
  • resisting the undue and constant efforts of others to curtail the rights of such injured persons.

Benefits of Membership in VTAJ

The benefits of joining the Vermont Association for Justice (VAJ) include;

  • A listing on the website's "Find a Lawyer" feature;
  • Discounts on the registration fees to continuing legal education (CLE) seminars hosted by the VTAJ;
  • Access to publications including the VTAJ Report;
  • Access to the List Server and particular List Servers for Employment, Workers' Compensation, Medical Malpractice, Criminal Law and Family Law;
  • Networking opportunities at the VTAJ Annual Conference held in late Spring and the annual VTAJ Golf Tournament; and
  • Access to TrialSmith expert deposition, form, and brief bank.

VTAJ Publications

Members receive the VTAJ Report which has articles, verdict reports, legislature reports, and trial advocacy strategies. Members also have the opportunity to submit articles for publication.

Membership Levels in the VTAJ

The different membership levels in the VTAJ include: 

  • Regular Members
  • Sustaining Members
  • Life Members
  • Honorary Members
  • Student and Law Clerk Members
  • Public Service Members
  • Law School Faculty Members
  • Retired and Out of State Members

Leadership in VTAJ

The future, current and past presidents of the VTAJ include:

  • James Foley (President-Elect)
  • Michael Green (President)
  • Vanessa Kittell (Immediate Past President)
  • Karen Allen
  • Patricia Benelli
  • Patrick Biggam 
  • John Collins
  • William T. Counos, II 
  • Beth Danon
  • Leighton Detora
  • John F. Evers
  • Gregory P. Howe
  • Emily Joselson
  • John L. Kellner
  • Mark Kolter
  • Christopher Larson
  • Christopher Maley
  • Robert McClallen
  • P. Scott McGee
  • Jerome F. O'Neil
  • Todd Schlossberg
  • Thomas Sherrer
  • Tina Shoup
  • Sheila Ware
  • D. Patrick Winburn

This article was last updated on Thursday, September 5, 2019.