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Trial Lawyers of Washington, D.C. (TLA-DC)

The Trial Lawyers of Washington, D.C. (TLA-DC) was formed in 1955. The organization includes many of the top trial lawyers practicing in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area. The organization promotes individual rights within the civil and criminal justice system.

The charitable arm of the organization is known as the D.C. Trial Lawyers Foundation.

Each year, the members of the organization help the community through numerous programs including:

  • the Toys for Tots campaign;
  • bike helmet giveaway for kids;
  • the annual Habitat for Humanity Build;
  • sponsoring the championship tournament of the D.C. Urban Debate League;
  • a food drive for Capital Area Food Bank; and
  • volunteer work for the DC Bar Pro Bono Project.

Contact Information:  

Metropolitan Washington D.C. Trial Lawyers Foundation
Website: https://www.tla-dc.org/
1919 M Street, NW, Suite 350
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202-659-3532
Fax: 202-775-9040

Past Presidents of TLA-DC

Victor Long     2013-2014
Karen Evans     2012-2013
Adam Leighton     2011-2012
Annie Kaplan     2010-2011
Laurie Amell     2009-2010
Allan M. Siegel     2008-2009
Salvatore J. Zambri     2007-2008
Melissa Rhea     2006-2007
Patrick A. Malone     2005-2006
Wayne Cohen     2004-2005
L. Palmer Foret     2003-2004
Michelle A. Parfitt     2002-2003
Marc Fiedler     2001-2002
J. Philip Kessel     2000-2001
William Artz     1999-2000
Michael H. Feldman     1998-1999
Sandra H. Robinson     1997-1998
Gerald I. Holtz     1996-1997
Bruce J. Klores     1995-1996
Kenneth M. Trombly     1994-1995
Ira Sherman     1993-1994
Gary S. Freeman     1992-1993
Patrick M. Regan     1991-1992
Ernest W. McIntosh, Jr.     1990-1991
James W. Taglieri     1989-1990
Joseph H. Koonz, Jr.     1988-1989
Harlow R. Case     1987-1988
Barry J. Nace     1986-1987
Ronald A. Karp     1985-1986
Edward Lee Norwind     1984-1985
Robert Cadeaux     1983-1984
Donald J. Chaikin     1982-1983
Clinton W. Chapman     1981-1982
Richard S. Paulson     1980-1981
Charles C. Parsons     1979-1980
Gerard E. Mitchell     1978-1979
Barry J. Nace     1977-1978
Thomas Fortune Fay     1976-1977
Paul L. Pascal     1975-1976
William G. Applestein     1974-1975
David Kayson     1973-1974
Glenn A. Mitchell     1972-1973
Benjamin F. Rossner     1971-1972
Peter Larsen     1970-1971
Jack H. Olender     1969-1970
Robert Stanford     1968-1969
Ernest Raskauskas     1967-1968
Milton Heller     1966-1967
John Joseph Leahy     1965-1966
Charles H. Mayer     1964-1965
Jacob A. Gordon     1963-1964
James A. Willey     1962-1963
Harry S. Wender     1960-1962
Jacob A. Stein     1959-1960
Henry R. Berger     1957-1959
Earl H. Davis     1956-1957
Warren E. Miller     1955-1956

Finding the Best Trial Lawyers in Washington D.C.

At Lawyer Legion, we understand the important role that legal organizations play in supporting attorneys and improving the practice of law.

For personal injury attorneys in the District of Columbia, and other types of trial lawyers practicing in the Washington, D.C. area, the TLA-DC provides support, training, and education. Many of the best trial attorneys in Washington D.C. belong to this trusted organization.

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