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Idaho Trial Lawyers Association (ITLA)

The Idaho Trial Lawyers Association was created in 1972. Today the ITLA has grown to more than 400 members including attorneys, legal staff and law students.

As a non-profit organization devoted to protecting the rights of citizens in the civil and criminal justice system, the organization also supports civil, criminal and workers' compensation attorneys.

The ITLA Annual Meeting, Conference, and Seminar is scheduled in Sun Valley on Friday, June 19 and Saturday, June 20, 2020.

Contact Information:

Idaho Trial Lawyers Association
Website: https://www.itla.org/

Physical Address:
1517 W Hays St
Boise ID 83702

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1777
Boise, ID 83701
Phone: 208-345-1890

Benefits of Joining ITLA

The benefits of membership in the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association include:

  • access to quality continuing legal education (CLE) seminars;
  • support for community programs such as the ITLA Street Law Clinic and the ITLA Family Law Clinic;
  • an invitation to the ITLA Annual Convention features a CLE program, social events, a trade show and networking opportunities in a relaxed setting;
  • networking opportunities with many of the top trial lawyers in the state;
  • access to the List Serve to communicate with other members;
  • a subscription to The Journal, ITLA's quarterly publication featuring:
    • articles on current legal topics;
    • educational materials on trial techniques,
    • summaries of recent trial verdicts and settlements;
    • daily legal news briefs from e-clips; and
    • information on ITLA legislative activities.

Leadership positions in the organization include the following positions: the President, Treasurer, Secretary, AAAJ Governors, AAJ Delegates, and Regional Directors. The ITLA offers a Certification Specialization Program.

The program certifies attorneys as a specialist in the areas of Civil, Criminal and Workers' Compensation law. Find out more about how attorneys become board-certified specialists in Idaho.

Past Presidents of ITLA

Sheli Pulcher Kontz
John Janis
John R.N. Monteleone
Ken Pedersen
T. Jason Wood

Attorneys in Idaho in ITLA

At Lawyer Legion, we recognize the importance of non-profit organizations like the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association. Civil justice organizations support and serve personal injury attorneys in Idaho, and other types of trial lawyers throughout the state while protecting citizens in our civil and criminal justice system.

This article was last updated on Friday, January 17, 2020.