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Kentucky Justice Association

Kentucky Justice Association

Logo of the Kentucky Justice Association

The Kentucky Justice Association (KJA) was founded in 1954. Today, the organization has grown to nearly 1,400 members and evolved into a strong political voice for individual and consumer rights.

The KJA is committed to educating consumers about their rights and training trial lawyers through quality continuing legal education (CLE) seminars.


The KJA seeks to improve the legal profession by educating Kentucky personal injury lawyers and other attorneys as a professional organization. It also performs advocacy by lobbying the Legislature for access to justice and consumer rights, and against so-called "tort reform" efforts that limit the right to a jury. The KJA also has a political arm that may make campaign expenditures for and against candidates.

Benefits of Membership in the KJA

The benefits of joining the Kentucky Justice Association (KJA) include:

  • A listing on the KJA online Membership Directory which can lead to referrals from other attorneys or members of the public;
  • Networking opportunities with colleagues;
  • The opportunity to attend Kentucky's top continuing legal education (CLE) seminars with reduced registration fees;
  • Professional publications such as a bi-monthly magazine known as The Advocate;
  • Access to other publications including auto accident case forms manual, cause of action manual, and the verdicts and settlement database;
  • Access to TrialSmith's document and deposition bank;
  • Access to List Servers where members can share information and asks questions;
  • Ability to join special sections for Domestic Relations Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law and Plaintiff Only Law; and
  • Access to meeting space at KJA's headquarters in Louisville.

Six times a year, the KJA publishes a magazine that is sent out to 1,500 readers in the State of Kentucky. The Advocate contains articles on timely topics facing trial lawyers throughout the state.

KJA Sections

The Kentucky Justice Association has special sections, including:

  • Criminal
  • Domestic Relations
  • Employment Law
  • Plaintiff Only

Members of these sections enjoy a special listserv for each section as well as special recognition on the KJA Membership Director and Desk Reference, which can lead to referrals from other attorneys in the organization and members of the public.

Contact Information for KJA

Kentucky Justice Association
10602 Timberwood Circle, Suite 8
Louisville, KY 40223
Phone: (502) 339-8890
Fax: (502) 339-1780

This article was last updated on Thursday, September 5, 2019.