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Texas Trial Lawyers Association

Founded in 1949, the members of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association include plaintiff's attorneys who meet the membership criteria of the organization. This association of trial attorneys in Texas provides information, services, and continuing education seminars to its members which include many of the top personal injury attorneys in Texas.

Since its inception, TTLA has supported maintaining jury trials in Texas’ civil justice system in Texas. The organization works to ensure that ordinary citizens always have a voice in the legislative process.

Contact Information for TTLA

Texas Trial Lawyers Association
1220 Colorado
Suite 500 
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: 512-476-3852
Fax: 512-473-2411

Benefits of Membership in TTLA

The benefits of becoming a member of this association of trial lawyers in Texas include:

  • a more united voice before the Texas legislature;
  • local and statewide networking opportunities with many of top civil trial lawyers in Texas;
  • practice-relevant information delivered electronically; and
  • quality CLE courses for trial lawyers.

Committees of the TTLA

The TTLA encourages its members to become active in the organization by taking on leadership roles in various committees of the TTLA which include:

  • Membership Committee – Works to recruit new members and retain current members;
  • Diversity Committee - Works to increase the number of women and ethnic minorities within the organization;
  • Women’s Initiative Committee - Works to encourage the involvement of members who are women;
  • CLE Committee - Plans seminars including strategy, speakers and programming;
  • Communications Committee - Works with the organization to promote communications with members; or
  • Amicus Committee – Screens request for amicus curae briefs on important issues of common concern.

Membership Requirements for TTLA

General Attorney Members are limited to all members of the State Bar of Texas and all duly licensed out-of-state lawyers not licensed by the State of Texas who represent plaintiffs’ in civil cases. Attorneys are not eligible for membership if the attorney or the attorney's law firm regularly and consistently represents:

  • insurance companies;
  • corporations;
  • utility companies; and/or
  • defendants in actions filed by individuals who have been injured or damaged.

Additionally, an employee of an executive branch agency of state or federal government is not eligible for membership in the association.

Past Presidents of the TTLA

At its Annual Membership Meeting, the Texas Trial Lawyers Association (TTLA) elected Katy attorney Will Adams as its president, Dallas Attorney Jim Mitchell as it President-Elect, and San Antonio Attorney Glenn W. Cunningham as its Immediate Past President.

The 2019 TTLA ANNUAL MEETING & CLE SEMINAR is scheduled for November 6-8, 2019, at the Hilton Hotel in Downtown Fort Worth at 815 Main St., Fort Worth, Texas 76102.

This article was last updated on Thursday, September 5, 2019.