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Georgia Trial Lawyers Association

Georgia Trial Lawyers Association

Logo of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association

Since 1958, the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association (GTLA) has worked to strengthen Georgia's civil justice system in order to protect the rights of citizens and consumers in the State of Georgia.

The GTLA hosts many popular Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars to educate and train attorneys and other legal professionals in the state.


With more than 2,000 members, the GTLA works with state legislators to promote the interests of its members. The GTLA also operates a political action committee, the Civil Justice PAC.

According to its mission statement, GTLA is "[p]rotecting the Constitutional promise of justice for all by guaranteeing the right to trial by jury, preserving an independent judiciary, and providing access to the courts for all Georgians."

Members of GTLA include personal injury lawyers in Georgia who focus on representing plaintiffs for a variety of civil justice cases including personal injury, wrongful death, automobile accidents, defective products, premises liability, and medical malpractice.

GTLA Civil Justice PAC

The Georgia Trial Lawyers Associations becomes involved in elections through its political arm, the Civil Justice Political Action Committee (PAC). The PAC can raise funds to spend directly on election expenses to support candidates who adhere to the GTLA's mission of supporting the right of average citizens to a jury trial, and oppose candidates who advocate against that right in so-called "tort reform" efforts.

Benefits of Membership in the GTLA

The benefits of joining the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association include:

  • Discounts to some of the finest CLE seminars in the State on a variety of civil justice topics;
  • Networking opportunities and CLE seminars including the Auto Torts Workshop, the Holiday Workshop, and the Annual Convention & President's Gala;
  • Access to List Servers that allow attorneys fighting similar battles to share ideas and ask questions;
  • Access to cutting edge on-line research tools;
  • GTLA publications including The Verdict Magazine and the In the Know Newsletter; and
  • Verdict and settlement reports.

GTLA Committees

Members of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association have an opportunity to take a leadership position in the organization by getting involved in a number of different committees, including:

  • Legislative
  • New Lawyers
  • Membership Eligibility
  • Community Outreach
  • Amicus Curiae
  • Verdict Editorial Board
  • Civil Justice PAC, Inc. of GTLA
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Membership Committee
  • Constitutional Challenge

Contact Information

Georgia Trial Lawyers Association
3350 Centennial Tower
101 Marietta Street
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: (404) 522.8487
Fax: (404) 522.3705

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