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Tax Law

Finding the best tax law attorney in your area is a difficult task. At Lawyer Legion we created a directory of tax attorneys to help you find the most qualified attorney or law firm for your particular case. We also created the only directory that allows you to narrow your search to find attorneys who are board certified in taxation law in those states that allow such certification.

Tax laws can be extraordinarily complex for the the average person and overwhelming to a business owner. Everyone who earns any income must pay federal income taxes. Depending on the jurisdiction, there may be state income taxes, sales taxes, excise taxes or more. Businesses must also a variety of different types of local, state and federal taxes.

The Internal Revenue Service is the federal agency charged with assessing and collecting taxes at the federal level. If the IRS suspects a person or entity has not paid their fair share of taxes, it may audit that person. In an audit, the IRS demands certain evidence of claims made in tax filings, including claims made about exemptions and deductions. If the IRS deems that a person has not sufficiently paid taxes, it could demand payment and exact significant interest on any unpaid taxes. Not paying taxes may also lead to criminal charges.

A tax lawyer might represent a person who the IRS has said owes taxes. The lawyer could attempt to show that the person does not, in fact, owe the taxes. He or she could also negotiate with the IRS to lower the amount owed. Tax lawyers may represent clients before the U.S. Tax Court in disputes with the IRS.

Attorneys who practice tax law may also assist businesses with the complicated matters that face them regarding taxes, especially if the company does business outside of the United States.

Certification in Tax Law

Eight states allow attorneys become certified in tax law. A certified tax lawyer has earned the right to advertise himself or herself as a specialist in the field of taxation.