Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys' Association

Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys' Association

Logo of the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys' Association

The Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys' Association ("MCDAA") was formed to promote the study of criminal defense law, provide information to assist attorneys, promote the fair administration of criminal justice, maintain the independence of criminal defense attorneys, and to provide networking opportunities to its members. The organization has approximately 450 members.

Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, the MCDAA is a professional organization for criminal defense lawyers in the State of Maryland.

Contact Information for the MCDAA

Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys' Association
720 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Phone: 410-752-3318
Fax: 410-752-8295

Benefits of MCDAA Membership

The benefits of membership in the MCDAA include:
  • networking opportunities with other criminal defense attorneys in Maryland, expert witnesses and investigators;
  • discounted rates to attend various continuing legal education (CLE) courses and seminars sponsored by MCDAA;
  • access to a job bank with information on current positions available;
  • access to the email listserver to discuss matters relevant to the organization and to criminal defense;
  • inclusion on the membership directory to encourage referrals to other MCDAA members; and
  • access to the members only section of the MCDAA website which has briefs, defense outlines, and other information useful to criminal defense.

Standing Committees in MCDAA

The Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys' Association ("MCDAA") encourages its members to become active in various committees including the following standing committees:

    • Defense of Drunk Driving Committee;
    • Public Relations Committee;
    • Judicial Committee;
    • Continuing Legal Education Committee;
    • Membership Committee;
    • Legislative Committee;
    • Federal Practice Committee; and
    • Ethics and Rules Committee.

Recent Past Presidents of MCDAA

President Elect: Eugene M. Whissel (2016-17)

President:         Andrew D. Alpert (2015-16)

Past-President: Peter Ayers Wimbrow, III (2014-15)

Past-President  Debra Saltz (2012-13)

Past-President: Laura Robinson (2011-12)

Past-President: Jason Shapiro (2010-11)

Past-President: Paul DeWolfe (2009-10)

Past-President: Neil Jacobs (2008-09)