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Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA)

About the TCDLA


  • Executive Director: Melissa J. Schank
  • Founded: 1971
  • OrgType: Nonprofit
  • Location: Austin, Texas
  • Website: www.tcdla.com
  • President: Grant M. Scheiner
  • Focus: Criminal Defense
  • Members: 3200

Mission and History

The Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA) has a proud history that began when the organization was chartered on August 12, 1971. The TCDLA was initiated as a formal stance against legislation and organizational actions that did not mirror the criminal defense rights supported by the U.S. Constitution. Since then, the organization continues to advocate for equal treatment in criminal defense cases and provide a statewide forum for the criminal defense community of Texas.

The TCDLA provides support and training to criminal defense lawyers in Texas through Continuing Legal Education (CLEs) and year-round seminars. Though its networking opportunities primarily benefits members, non-members and other legal professionals across the board attend the TCDLA's seminars as they are recognized as the top tier of criminal defense instruction available. Its members consist of private attorneys, public defenders, and other legal professionals in the criminal defense practice. The TCDLA is an affiliate of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.




TCDLA Reading the Declaration of Independence 2020

Declaration Readings 2019


Board of Directors

Grant Matthew Scheiner
Houston, TX
Michael Clark Gross
President Elect
San Antonio, TX
Heather Jean Barbieri
First Vice President
Plano, TX

Past Presidents

Kerri K Anderson-Donica
Corsicana, TX
Mark S Snodgrass
Lubbock, TX
David E Moore
Longview, TX

Percy Foreman Lawyer of the Year Award

The Percy Foreman Lawyer of the Year Award honors the individual attorney for providing outstanding legal representation. Named after Percy Foremean, the renowned Criminal Defense Lawyer and TCDLA Charter Member, this award is presented in honor of his almost 60 years of service as an attorney.

The recipient must be in good standing with the TCDLA and the State Bar of Texas and is presented each year at TCDLA's Rusty Duncan seminar by the current President the Association.

F Clinton Broden
Dallas, TX
Casie Lynn Gotro
Casie Lynn Gotro
San Antonio, TX
Brian W Wice
Houston, TX

TCDLA Members Active on Lawyer Legion

Kevin Bennett
The Law Office of Kevin Bennett
Austin, TX
View Profile · Visit Website
Stephen Lyle Hamilton
Texas Criminal Defense Group
Lubbock, TX
View Profile · Visit Website
Jason Eric Trumpler
The Law Offices of Jason Trumpler
Austin, TX
View Profile · Visit Website
Michael J. Price
Price & Twine, PLLC
Georgetown, TX
View Profile · Visit Website
James Charles Twine
Price & Twine, PLLC
Georgetown, TX
View Profile · Visit Website
Jonathan Gracia
The Gracia Law Firm
Brownsville, TX
View Profile · Visit Website

Contact the TCDLA

Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA)
6808 Hill Meadow Drive
Austin, TX 78736
Office: (512) 478-2514
Fax: (512) 469-9107

Affiliate Organizations

The Affiliate Criminal Defense Bar Committee seeks to promote the establishment of local county and/or city criminal defense bar associations in order to promote the mission of TCDLA at the grass roots level. The Committee will advise the officers and staff of TCDLA on methods to establish clear lines of communication between TCDLA and local affiliate organizations in order to insure that the state organization is cognizant and responsive to the concerns of the local membership. The following is a list of county-level affiliate organizations in Texas: 

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More About the TCDLA

Membership in TCDLA

The Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA) offers services and support to criminal defense lawyers and other legal professionals practicing in the state of Texas. Those holding prosecutorial or judiciary positions are not eligible for membership. TCDLA memberships include regular attorney, public defender, law student, law professors, and other membership types as approved by the TCDLA board of directors. You must be endorsed by an existing TCDLA member to join. Membership in the TCDLA is contigent on good standing membership of the State Bar of Texas with exceptions on types of membership. 

Benefits of Membership

Joining the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association can provide many membership benefits including:

  • Inclusion in the TCDLA printed membership directory which is mailed each year to its members;
  • Online listing in TCDLA's online membership directory which is open to the public;
  • Inclusion in "Lawyer Locator" which allows other attorneys or members of the public to search for members based on their interest in various practice areas;
  • Discounts to attend various CLE seminars sponsored by TCDLA each year;
  • Access to the TCDLA iPhone or iPad Application on iTunes where members can find a wealth of practical information including Texas criminal codes and statutes;
  • Copy of TCDLA publications including "Voice for the Defense" Magazine distributed 10 times a year;
  • Access to an updated list of experts used in different types of criminal cases;
  • Access to TCDLA's listserves which allows members to ask questions and share information with each other;
  • Discounts from third party providers for products or services such as practice management software, rental cars, hotels, professional liability insurance, and more;
  • Protection from Strike Force, if a member is improperly harassed or threatened with sanctions for the zealous representation of a client;
  • Access to the brief and motion bank; and
  • A personalized membership certificate.

Committees in TCDLA

Members of TCDLA are encouraged to participate in the organization through service on various committees including:

  • the Budget Committee;
  • the Executive Committee; and
  • the Nominations Committee.

Directory of Criminal Defense Lawyers in Texas

Lawyer Legion maintains a statewide directory of criminal defense attorneys in Texas which includes both TCDLA members and non-members. To help the public find the best choices when searching for a criminal defense attorney, Lawyer Legion recognizes attorneys for their involvement and leadership within the TCDLA and other professional associations. This includes recognition for TCDLA past presidents and TCDLA members who have updated their Lawyer Legion profile to include information about their involvement with the TCDLA.

Use this directory to find a Texas criminal defense lawyer or Texas attorneys practicing other areas of law in your local area. Start by choosing your county from the list below.

Criminal Defense Lawyers by County


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