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Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Logo of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

The Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (TCDLA) has a proud history that began when the organization was chartered on August 12, 1971.

Today the organization has more than 2,800 members which including private attorneys, public defenders and other legal professionals in the criminal defense practice from across the state of Texas.


TCDLA provides support and education to criminal defense lawyers in Texas. It is an affiliate of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Benefits of Joining TCDLA

Joining the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association can provide many membership benefits including:

  • Inclusion in the TCDLA printed membership directory which is mailed each year to its members;
  • Online listing in TCDLA's online membership directory which is open to the public;
  • Inclusion in "Lawyer Locator" which allows other attorneys or members of the public to search for members based on their interest in various practice areas;
  • Discounts to attend various CLE seminars sponsored by TCDLA each year;
  • Access to the TCDLA iPhone or iPad Application on iTunes where members can find a wealth of practical information including Texas criminal codes and statutes;
  • Copy of TCDLA publications including "Voice for the Defense" Magazine distributed 10 times a year;
  • Access to an updated list of experts used in different types of criminal cases;
  • Access to TCDLA's listserves which allows members to ask questions and share information with each other;
  • Discounts from third party providers for products or services such as practice management software, rental cars, hotels, professional liability insurance, and more;
  • Protection from Strike Force, if a member is improperly harassed or threatened with sanctions for the zealous representation of a client;
  • Access to the brief and motion bank; and
  • A personalized membership certificate.

Committees in TCDLA

Members of TCDLA are encouraged to participate in the organization through service on various committees including:

  • the Budget Committee;
  • the Executive Committee; and
  • the Nominations Committee.

Past Presidents of TCDLA

Percy Foreman Lawyer of the Year Award

The Percy Foreman Lawyer of the Year Award honors the individual attorney for providing outstanding legal representation. Named after Percy Foremean, the renowned Criminal Defense Lawyer and TCDLA Charter Member, this award is presented in honor of his almost 60 years of service as an attorney.

The recipient must be in good standing with the TCDLA and the State Bar of Texas and is presented each year at TCDLA's Rusty Duncan seminar by the current President the Association.

Past Recipients

The State of Texas also has many county-level associations of criminal defense attorneys including:

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