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Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association (ACDLA)

The Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association ("ACDLA") is a non-profit organization of criminal defense attorneys that practice in State, County, and Municipal Court throughout Travis County, TX, as well the United States District Courts in the Western District of Texas. For more information visit the website for the Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

Founded in 1991, the ACDLA provides attorneys with support, education and networking opportunities. Another purpose of the organization is to protect individual rights guaranteed to defendants accused of a crime in Travis County by the Texas and Federal Constitutions. The ACDLA is an affiliate of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

Benefits of Membership in ACDLA

The benefits of joining ACDLA include:

  • invitations to weekly meetings on practical tips from many of the top attorneys in the area;
  • a link on the public membership directory with a link to the law firm's website; and
  • networking opportunities throughout the year with many of the best criminal attorneys in the county.

Categories of Membership in ACDLA

The ACDLA has created several different membership categories including:

  • Regular Member licensed to practice fewer than 3 years - $25.00 a year;
  • Regular Member with 3 or more years of practice - $50.00 a year;
  • Student Member - $20.00 a year;
  • Affiliate Member (can include "full-time professors of law or legal topics, lawyers on active duty in the military, legal assistants and other support staff persons working for regular members, investigators, technical experts, law librarians, and lawyers in private practice who are actively engaged in the defense of criminal cases outside of Travis County") - $20.00 a year; or
  • Lifetime Regular Member - $1,500.00 a year paid in three equal $500.00 payments over 3 years.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Austin, TX

At Lawyer Legion, we understand the importance of local criminal defense attorney associations. The ACDLA helps criminal defense attorneys in Austin, TX, and throughout Travis County, have a unified voice. The ACDLA also helps with support, education, and networking opportunities.

Criminal defense attorneys in Texas should consider the benefits of joining the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association or the county affiliate organization in Austin and Travis County, TX.

This article was last updated on Friday, September 9, 2016.