Tennessee Commission on CLE and Specialization

At Lawyer Legion, we understand the importance of specialty certification programs. We created a feature on our directory to narrow the search to only Tennessee attorneys who have earned specialty certification.

The Tennessee Commission on CLE and Specialization has authority over certification of attorneys as specialists and accreditation of organizations that certify attorneys. Under current TCCLES procedure, attorneys may become certified by an accredited organization, and then may seek certification from TCCLES. At last count, Tennessee had nearly 300 attorneys who were certified specialist in at least one of fourteen different practice areas.

TCCLES consists of 11 members, nine of whom are attorneys, appointed by the Supreme Court of Tennessee. The Commission has the power to regulate continuing legal education and attorney specialization.

Attorneys who have earned the Tennessee Certified Specialist designation have acheived significant experience in a specific areas of the law, maintained legal malpractice insurance, passed a written examination, attended continuing legal educational (CLE) seminars, and received positive references from other attorneys who are familiars with their practice and good character.

Attorneys must also follow the applicable bar rules related to attorney advertising when communicating their status as a certified specialist including Tennessee Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC) 7.4.

Two Step Process to Become a Certified Specialist

The process for attorneys in Tennessee to become certified specialists involves a two steps. First, the attorney must be certified in the appropriate field by the appropriate national agency. Second, the attorney must:

  • apply to the Tennessee Commission on CLE & Specialization;
  • complete the Law Practice Management Checklist;
  • provide proof of carrying $500,000 of malpractice insurance coverage;
  • provide client references;
  • submit to an additional check by the Commission concerning disciplinary complaints; and
  • pay an application fee of $100 to the Commission (with an additional $100 annual fee once certified);
  • Copies of all advertisements; and
  • Copies of any orders holding the attorney in contempt or sanctions against the attorney.

Once the attorney has submitted a copy of his or her certificate from the organization and met the minimum requirements, TCCLES may certify the attorney. The attorney may then advertise as a specialist.

Different Specialist Practice Areas Approved for Certification

The Tennessee Supreme Court Commission on CLE and Specialization has certified nearly 300 lawyers in fourteen (14) different areas of the law including:

Approved Certifying Organizations

The Tennessee Commission on CLE & Specialization has accredited the following organizations to certify attorneys in Tennessee:

Contact Information for TCCLES

Tennessee Supreme Court Commission on CLE & Specialization
Dave Shearon, Executive Director
221 Fourth Avenue North, Suite 300
Nashville, TN 37219
Phone: (615) 741-3096

Directory of Certified Specialist in Tennessee - Use the directory on the website of the Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education & Specialization to locate a certified specialist in Tennessee by selecting the specialty, selecting the city, and clicking on the "Submit" button.

Finding a Certified Specialist in Tennessee

If you need to find an attorney in Tennessee then consider the benefits of beginning your search with a certified specialist. These attorneys have demonstrated their commitment to a specialty practice. These programs provide a powerful too for the public when they begin their search for an attorney.

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