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Texas DWI Lawyers Association

Texas DWI Lawyers is a non-profit is a Non-Profit Association of DWI Defense Attorneys. The organization focuses exclusively on the defense of intoxicated driving during the criminal case and administrative proceedings.

Website: Texas DWI Lawyers, a Non-Profit Association of DWI Defense Attorneys.

The Texas DWI Lawyers is a Texas-based nonprofit organization focused on the science and practice of DWI defense. The goal of the association is improving the education of attorneys on the statutory and constitutional laws related to DWI defense. The association also promotes the trial skills necessary to effectively represent citizens charged in Texas with drug and alcohol related driving offenses.

The association provides educational materials on breath testing, blood testing, urine testing, and accident reconstruction, as well as trial techniques and jury presentation.

Many of the top DWI defense attorneys in Texas belong to this organization. The goal of the organization is to provide the best possible continuing legal education (CLE) to other Texas lawyers who are interested in providing their clients with highly effective, professional, and caring representation.

Upcoming seminars include "Two Word Verdicts" on March 9, 2017, in Dallas, TX. The association’s annual CLE programs were held in Houston, the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, and in the San Antonio-Hill Country area. Visit the website to register for the Tapatio Springs Seminar on September 15-16, 2016, in Boerne, TX.

At a recent seminar scheduled on March 3, 2016, Attorney David Burrows presenting: "I-C-A: Immediate Courtroom Application" at Studio Movie Grill - Dallas, TX, 11170 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, TX, 75243. 

Past Presidents of the association include:

  • Bennie E. Ray - President 2016;
  • David Burrows - President 2015; and
  • Gary Trichter - President, 2014.

Additional Resources:

Texas DWI Defense Lawyers Association - Follow the Texas DWI Defense Lawyers Association on Facebook to find information on upcoming seminars, events, and news.

Finding DWI Defense Lawyers in Texas

Legal organizations give attorneys a more united voice. The DWI Defense Lawyers Association in Texas is no exception. Many of the top DWI attorneys in Texas belong to this association. Those attorneys focus their practice on this unique area of criminal defense. Belonging to an organization focused on DWI defense indicates the attorney's dedication to this practice area.

According to the organization's website, DWI Defense Lawyers is not affiliated in any way with TCDLA, TCCLA, HCCLA, or SACDLA, which are other organizations in Texas for criminal defense lawyers.

This article was last updated on Friday, September 23, 2016.