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Lawyer Legion's Law Firm Group Claim

One employee in the law firm can claim the profiles for every attorney in the firm.

The team at Lawyer Legion is ready to help you claim the Lawyer Legion profiles for each and every attorney in your law firm. If you want to simplify the process then simply fill out the permission letter below on firm letterhead.

Once we receive and verify the form, then we will provide the designated employee with a list of the unique logins and passwords for each attorney. One person can complete all the profiles or distribute the logins and passwords to each attorney. E-mail us at support@lawyerlegion.com if you have any questions.

Thank you in advance for helping the attorneys in your firm claim their free profile in our online attorney directory.

The Group Claim Option Makes it Easy

If you would like to claim the profiles for each attorney in your law firm then follow these steps:

  1. Complete the law firm group claim permission letter (below). The letter must be completed by an employee of the law firm.
  2. After you complete the permission letter, print the letter out on your law firm's letterhead. Fax the letter to us at (281) 596-4455 or email a PDF copy to support@lawyerlegion.com.
  3. Then just send us an Excel file with a list of all of the attorneys in your firm along with each attorneys' email addresses and zip code.

When we receive the information, we will send the designated employee the list of the login credentials for each attorney. The designated employee can then complete the profiles with a picture, contact information, biography, education, awards, and associations.

Dear Lawyer Legion,

On behalf of the law firm, I would like to claim the profiles for each attorney in our firm on you website - www.LawyerLegion.com. The firm has given me permission to claim the profile for the following attorneys and to claim the profiles according to Lawyer Legion's terms and conditions of use. Our firm will enter certain information on the attorney's individual profile page:

Name:  __________________________
Title:  ___________________________
E-mail address:__________________

Please provide me with a list of logins and passwords to complete the profiles for the following attorneys at the firm:

<Lawyer Name>    <Lawyer Email Address>    <Lawyer Zip Code>    <Lawyer's Bar Number>

Once I have received access to the Attorneys’ profiles, I will update the profiles. Then I will distribute the usernames and passwords to the individual attorneys.


Authorized Signature   
Name Printed   

Claiming Profiles on Our Attorney Directory

Thank you for your interest in claiming and optimizing the profiles on Lawyer Legion, a free online attorney directory. We help promote law firms, both small and large.

Contact us a support@lawyerlegion.com if you have any questions about our directory or the website design and internet marketing services we provide.