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Indiana Roll of Attorneys

Indiana's "Roll of Attorneys" can be found on the website of the Judicial Branch of Indiana. The "Roll of Attorneys" is an online service maintained by the Court of Appeals, the Clerk of the Supreme Court, and the Tax Court to deliver to the public information about each attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Indiana.

Use the Roll of Indiana Attorneys to find a list of all attorneys licensed to practice law in the state. You can use the online attorney directory to search for attorneys by name or attorney number (often called the "attorney's bar number"). The listing for each attorney also includes information about their license status, disciplinary history (if any), contact information, and other names the attorney has use in their practice.

Indiana Roll of Attorneys at courtapps.in.gov/rollofattorneys

Search for an Indiana Attorneys by Name

To search by name, the last name is required by the first name is optional. The last name feature is designed to be as inclusive as possible and includes any attorney with the given sequence of letters in their last name.

What happens if the attorney uses a different name then the one contained in the "roll of attorneys? An attorney might change their name since they were first licensed in Indiana. The database is designed to account for name changes through its advanced search features.

In order to narrow down a name search with too many results, entering the city can help narrow the number of results being returned. 

Search by an Indiana Attorney by Bar Number

When an attorney becomes licensed to practice law in Indiana, a bar number is assigned that stays with the attorney throughout their career. In Indiana, the bar number is called the "attorney number."

The attorney number includes a sequence number, a dash, and a two-digit county number. When the attorney is admitted to the bar in Indiana, the county is determined by looking at the county in which the attorney resided when admitted. Examples of the format for the attorney numbers in Indiana might include:

  • 12345-67
  • 1234-56
  • 123-45

To search by attorney number, enter the full attorney number including the dash.

Information Displayed in the Roll of Attorneys Database

The "Roll of Attorneys" database displays a wealth of information about each attorney including

  • Attorneys Name (First, Middle, Last or Prior)
  • Attorney Number (Indiana Bar License Number)
  • Status information
  • License status
    • whether the attorney is "Active In Good Standing"
  • Whether the attorney has any disciplinary history
  • Status date
  • Admit date
  • E-filing & e-service information
  • Contact information
    • Firm name
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
    • Phone
    • Email

In Indiana, the disciplinary history available to the public online dates back to back to July 1, 2011. To find disciplinary information about the attorney prior to that date, the public must access that information from the Appellate Clerk's Office.

If the attorney has any disciplinary history, then at least one case will be listed on the "Roll of Attorneys" database, but that list does not necessarily include a complete list of disciplinary history.

Changes to the Indiana Roll of Attorneys

Indiana’s Admission and Disciplinary Rule 2(a) provides that all lawyers in Indiana are required to provide their correct name, county of residence, and contact information (including email address) to the Clerk. The attorney is responsible for making sure that his or her information is listed correctly on the Roll of Attorney’s online service.

The Roll of Attorneys directory in Indiana tends to be the most accurate source of information because attorneys are required to update the information within 30 days of any change.

Attorneys are required to provide their correct name, county of residence, and contact information (including email address) to the Clerk. Attorneys are responsible for updating their information through the Courts Portal

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Indiana Courts Portal

Attorneys are also required to pay their annual registration fee through the Clerk of Courts Portal. The Indiana Courts Portal is an online tools for those who regularly interact with the Supreme Court and its agencies including attorneys, judges, and mediators. Sign in to the portal of the Indiana Courts to accomplish any of the following tasks:

  • Update the information in the "Roll of Attorneys" database
  • Pay fees online including the annual registration fee
  • Assign an account administrator or aide to manage the account
  • Access continuing education transcripts
  • Manage mediator registry information
  • Set up notification preferences

Additional Resources for Finding Attorneys in Indiana

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This article was last updated on Friday, January 31, 2020.