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Attorney Referral Service in Arlington, TX

The Arlington Bar Association established a Lawyer Referral Service. For the last twenty years, the Lawyer Referral Service has helped individuals and businesses find a qualified attorney in the City of Arlington, the greater Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area, and all of Tarrant County, Texas.

Participating attorneys undergoing a screening process before being admitted onto the Regular Panel. These attorneys must be members of the Arlington Bar Association and Arlington Bar Referral Service, indicate their competence to handle cases in their selected areas of law, and be in good standing with the State Bar of Texas.

If you are looking for an attorney, please contact the Tarrant County Bar Referral Service at 817-336-4101.

Contact Information:

Arlington Bar Association - Lawyer Referral Service
900 Warrington Ct
Arlington, TX 76014

Website: http://arlingtonbarassociation.org/

Types of Attorneys on the LRS in Arlington, TX

Attorneys that participate on the panels are experienced in one or more of the following practice areas:

  • Family Law;
  • Criminal Defense;
  • Personal Injury;
  • Bankruptcy;
  • Estate Planning & Probate;
  • Business;
  • Real Estate;
  • Civil Litigation;
  • Tax Immigration;
  • Social Security Disability;
  • Oil, Gas and Mineral;
  • Consumer & Commercial Health;
  • Juvenile Law:
  • Labor & Employment Law.

Board Certified Attorneys in the Referral Service

The Arlington Bar Association added a Board Certified Panel in 2014. Attorneys on the Board Certified Panel must meet the criteria for the regular panel plus be certified as a specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

According to its website, the Board Certified Panel was added "to individual and corporate citizens find a board certified attorney specialist when one is desired, normally due to perceived difficulty, importance, or complexity of the legal matter."

Finding an Attorney in Arlington, TX

At Lawyer Legion, we recognize the important role that these services play in helping the public find a lawyer in Arlington, TX. These non-profit community based Lawyer Referral Services in Texas provide an alternative to searching the internet for an attorney or using an online attorney directory.