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The Missouri Bar's Lawyer Referral Service

At Lawyer Legion we recognize the important role that Lawyer Referral Services sponsored by local bar associations play in helping the public find a qualified and affordable attorney for their case.

In Missouri, the Missouri Bar Association in Jefferson City, MO, sponsors a Lawyer Referral Service that helps the public connect with a qualified and local attorney. To contact the service you can call or visit their website to fill out and submit a confidential request form. The LRS helps individuals and businesses find an attorney in all counties in Missouri from its offices in Jefferson City, MO.

Contact Information:

The Missouri Bar Lawyer Referral Service (LRS)
PO Box 119
326 Monroe
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0119
Phone: 573-636-3635
Website: www.mobar.org/forthepublic/findalawyer.htm

How Does the Missouri Bar Lawyer Referral Service Work?

The office hours of the LRS are from Monday through Friday – 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. The service will refer you to a local attorney that is appropriate for your situation.   The service will charge you a $50.00 fee to refer you to a lawyer. In exchange, you will receive an up-to-thirty-minute consultation with an attorney.

Veterans receive a 25% discount on the $50.00 fee and will be charged $37.50. For your convenience, the service can take the fee by debit or credit card.

The lawyer is not required to take your case and you are under no obligation to retain the lawyer. The service does not provide a free or pro bono attorney. During the consultation, you can talk with the attorney about your legal problem, possible solutions, and the attorney fees needed for further representation.

Missouri's LawyerSearch Feature

Visit the website of the Missouri Bar too find LawyerSearch, an online directory to find lawyers currently accepting new clients. Although not all Missouri lawyers are listed in LawyerSearch, the directory includes those attorneys who have indicated that they would like to be included. Search by areas of practice or location (city or county). Find a list of lawyers for various practice areas of the law, along with the attorney's office addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and links to the law firm's website.

Keep in mind that being included on the LawyerSearch directory does not constitute an endorsement by The Missouri Bar of any particular attorney.

The Official Missouri Directory of Attorneys in Good Standing

The Official Missouri Directory of Lawyers lists every lawyer in Missouri in good standing with the Supreme Court of Missouri. Inactive lawyers are in good standing with the Supreme Court of Missouri but are not eligible to practice law in Missouri. Active members in good standing are eligible to practice law in Missouri.

The directory does not provide contact information and the listing does not indicate whether a particular lawyer is accepting new clients. Instead, the directory can be used to check a lawyer’s standing. 


Finding an Attorney in Missouri

At Lawyer Legion, we recognize the important role that Lawyer Referral Services play in helping the public find an attorney in Missouri. When you begin your search for an attorney, consider the fact that Missouri had three lawyer referral services.

One such LRS is sponsored by The Missouri Bar. The other two are sponsored by the St. Louis Metropolitan Bar Lawyer Referral and Information Service and the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Lawyer Referral Service.

If you need to find an attorney in Missouri, these types of lawyer referral services provide an important alternative to the phone book or an internet search, or using an online commercial attorney directory.

This article was updated on Tuesday, December 31, 2019.