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Insurrection and the Rule of Law
UC Davis Law faculty provided context to the recent unprecedented and troubling events that have challenged the foundation of our democracy. After a mob of trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol last week to prevent the certification of President-...

LL.M. Alumna Xinyue, Shares her LL.M. Experience (With Help from Jabr, her Peach-Faced Parrot)
Xinyue, a 2020 graduate of the LL.M. program, shares her best advice for prospective students reflects on how to learn from other people's views. https://law.ucdavis.edu/international/

Introduction to the UC Davis School of Law LL.M. Program from Associate Dean Beth Greenwood
Discover why you should study at the UC Davis School of Law! Beth Greenwood, Associate Dean for International Programs, shares some reasons why students are choosing to follow their dream at UC Davis. https://law.ucdavis.edu/international/

Welcome class of 2023
Dean Kevin Johnson, and his rising movie star and companion through these unusual past months, Ailie, want to welcome our incoming Class of 2023 and all students, faculty, and staff back to King Hall.

King Hall COVID 19 safety guidelines
Welcome back to King Hall! UC Davis School of Law staff have collaborated with central campus and Yolo County officials to develop these guidelines for keeping our community safe and healthy.

How the Supreme Court ruling on employment rights will affect LGBT lives
On June 15, the U.S. Supreme Court, led by Justice Neil Gorsuch, ruled 6-3 that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects LGBT workers. UC Davis Law Professor Brian Soucek, who co-wrote a brief cited in an opinion in the ruling, provides ...

Lorena (Chile) Speaks About Raising her son While Pursuing her LL.M. Degree
Lorena (Chile) and her young son share what they value about their educational and social experiences in the international college community of Davis.

Kentaro (Japan) Reflects on the UC Davis Community and Balancing Family with LL.M. Studies
Kentaro (Japan) shares his reflections on life as an LL.M. student at UC Davis School of Law.

Can President Trump claim free speech protections on social media?
Professor Ashutosh Bhagwat is closely following the growing tensions between President Trump and social media giants. This week President Trump issued an executive order aimed at limiting how social media companies can remove users’ content. Twitte...

Congratulations Class of 2020!
Congratulations to the Class of 2020! You did it! Graduating from law school is an amazing achievement. All of us at UC Davis Law wish we could be together today to honor that achievement, and look forward to when we can be. Please enjoy this video t...

Meet LL.M. Student Lorena (Chile), Whose Studies Took Her to the United Nations
Lorena (Chile) reflects on the surprising career-advancing opportunities she found at UC Davis School of Law.

Angel Shares his Family's 25 Year Relationship with UC Davis School of Law
A Family Tradition: Discover how UC Davis School of Law has supported Angel and his family in Argentina in their success.

UC Davis LL.M. and International Students Visit Napa, California, the World-Famous Wine Region
Explore California’s world-famous wine region with international law students!

Vipin and Priya Celebrate Graduation from the LL.M. Program and Reflect on their Friendship
LL.M. alumni, Vipin and Priya share about the supportive friendship they created during their LL.M. experience and the rewards of following the dream.

LL.M. Alumnus, Dieter Korten Discusses the Meaning of His LL.M. Experience Over the Years
LL.M. alumnus Dieter Korten, from Germany, reflects on his time at UC Davis School of Law some years ago, and how the value of that experience continues to increase. He offers some advice for prospective LL.M. students, too!

Prof. Darien Shanske Speaks on Ancient Athenian Law and Its Connection to Contemporary Law School
Ancient Athenian Law is a unique class offered at UC Davis School of Law. Professor Darien Shanske explores how the law of this ancient society is as relevant today as it was then.

Prof. Darien Shanske and LL.M. Alumni, Min Share Perspectives on Life in the Law School Classroom
Gain insight from LL.M alumna, Min, as she shares about her time in Professor Darien Shanske's class, Ancient Athenian Law.

Carola, Fernando, and Alex Share Their Experiences in Orientation in U.S.A. Law
Hear from Carola, Fernando, and Alex as they share about their academic and cultural adventures during Orientation in U.S.A. law.