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Google Eyes and Big Brother Lies Data, Privacy and Algorithmic Justice
A panel of experts in data and technology discusses developments in data privacy and the fight for digital justice.

The Caring Lawyer: Applying the Principles of Therapeutic Jurisprudence
Today’s most successful attorneys have embraced a new role in their relationships with clients. They see themselves as caring professionals who help clients navigate some of life’s most difficult and complicated problems, such as divorce, busines...

HBCUs v. Maryland: Is There a Solution in Sight?
A symposium presented by the University of Baltimore Law Forum and the Black Law Students Association. Feb. 4, 2021.

Structural Racism and Transportation Policy: The Road Ahead
As our nation continues to grapple with institutional racism, the inequities of transportation policies must be at the center. We use as a case study the defunct Baltimore Red Line project, a proposed 14-mile, east-west transit line that would have l...

Challenges to the Peaceful Transfer of Power
n the wake of an insurrection at the Capitol building in support of the defeated sitting president, which coincided with a move by some lawmakers to challenge certification of the Electoral College results, several School of Law professors examine th...

Aftermath of an Election, Constitutional Perspectives
Four UB Law professors and Dean Ronald Weich look at the 2020 presidential election, discussing voter suppression efforts, challenges to ballot counts, impediments to the peaceful transfer of power, and more. Nov. 18, 2020

The ADA at 30. Where have we made progress, and what remains to be done?
is November 4, 2020

25th Annual Stead Lecture in International Law
Professor Gay McDougall Cries of BLM Reverberate Worldwide: Even the U.N. Quakes Oct. 28, 2020.

Notorious RBG: The Life and Legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
As a legal scholar and jurist, the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a warrior for women's rights and social justice. Our panel -- UB Law Professors Margaret Johnson, Dionne Koller and Phil Closius -- examines her accomplishments a...

Civil Disobedience, Democracy and Structural Racism: What's Federalism Got to Do with It?
Date: September 30, 2020

Misinformation, Disinformation and ”Fake News”
UB Law in Focus Discussion Series Misinformation, disinformation and so-called “fake news” have always been part of our media landscape. What has made these phenomena so troubling in the 21st century is the amplification effect of the internet,...

ImmigRacism: How Does Immigration Law Manifest Racism and Impact Immigrant Communities?
UB Law in Focus Discussion Series: Examining Structural Racism Our panel of professionals, working on the front lines with immigrants and refugees, examine racism at our borders and inside the country as immigrants endeavor to access justice and huma...

UB School of Law Clinical Law Program Fall 2020 Rule 19-220 Swearing In Ceremony
The Clinical Law Program welcomes Court of Appeals Judge Shirley Watts to issue the oath to our 75 Fall 2020 Student Attorneys. Interim Associate Dean Robert Rubinson and School of Law Dean Ronald Weich also address the students.

The Calm Before the Storm: A Look at Pending COVID-Related Litigation
The global pandemic has upended businesses, economies and families. It has also brought about a variety of legal actions, including failure-to-warn claims, injunctions, class action lawsuits, and employer liability. What kinds of litigation do we exp...

COVID and the Workplace: How Does the Law Protect "Essential" Employees?
Terms like “essential” and “frontline” have become familiar during the COVID-19 pandemic. Workers in healthcare, the food supply chain, delivery services and transportation are at increased risk of infection just by going to work each day. Ef...

Redlining Today: How and Why Race Matters for Access to Wealth in Baltimore
When the federal government created color-coded maps in the 1930s, it defined areas desirable for investment using race and racial segregation as a criterion. Today, race is no longer a criterion, but the patterns of racially segregated investment an...

A Call to Action
Professors Mike Higginbotham and Mike Meyerson discuss the need for America's law firms to increase their commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity now. http://law.ubalt.edu/

Looking Back at Impeachment from the Middle of Pandemic.
Hear from UB Law Dean Ronald Weich, who uses the impeachment trial of President Trump as a jumping-off point to talk about impeachment generally and how it fits into the constitutional scheme, looking at its structure and processes. This April 30, 20...

Voting Rights Under Threat: Will There be a Free and Fair Election in November?
Voter suppression is not a new phenomenon, but politicians continue to develop new ways to make it difficult to cast a ballot. Since 2013, when the Shelby County v. Holder Supreme Court decision weakened the Voting Rights Act, it has been more diffic...

To Protect and Serve: Changing the Culture of Policing
We are all horrified by the deaths of African American men and women in police custody. Prof. F. Michael Higginbotham, Prof. J. Amy Dillard and alumna Kim Neal, J.D. '97, address how police culture leads to aggression toward people of color; what can...

Constitutional Issues in a Pandemic: The Obligations and Limits of Government
Three UB Law constitutional law professors — Garrett Epps, Michael Meyerson and Kimberly Wehle — discuss issues such as the division of responsibility among various authorities during a public health emergency; the constitutional limits of quaran...

University of Baltimore School of Law 2020 Commencement Celebration
A video to celebrate the accomplishments of the Class of 2020.