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Gloria Steinem Accepts the International Advocate for Peace Award at Cardozo
On March 29, 2023 Ms. Gloria Steinem accepted the 22nd annual International Advocate for Peace (IAP) Award from the Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution. Every year since 2000, the Journal, the country's preeminent legal journal of arbitration, n...

Why Florida Copied its ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill from Hungary & What It Means for Democracy in the U.S.
On the eve of mid-term elections in which polls find large majorities of Americans worried about the future of U.S. democracy, scholars and journalists are tracking growing interest here in the successful path of autocratic leaders abroad. Do once-de...

Cardozo Law Commencement May 2022
The Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law forty-fourth Annual Commencement exercises will take place on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, at 3 p.m. at United Palace, located at 4140 Broadway between West 175th and 176th Streets in Manhattan.

Take a Tour of Cardozo Law
Tours of Cardozo Law are provided throughout the year to help you become better acquainted with our community. We hope this virtual tour will provide you with a quick look at how law comes to life at Cardozo. Schedule a campus visit or virtual tour h...

Cardozo Patent Diversity Project Obtains Its First Patent on Behalf of Black Female Inventor
Cardozo’s Patent Diversity Project, led by Director Victor Wang ’15, has secured its first patent on behalf of Rose Coppee, a Black inventor, for a modular hairbrush.  The Patent Diversity Project aims to close the “patent gap...

Cardozo's Civil Rights Clinic Improves Conditions for People on Death Row
Cardozo’s Civil Rights Clinic, led by Professor Betsy Ginsberg, won a major settlement in a class-action lawsuit on behalf of those on death row at Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. A federal judge in Louisiana found the settlement reached by...

Public Health, Mental Health, and Mass Atrocity Prevention Digital Dialogue Series
Supporting Mental and Public Health Prevention Work in Pre-Atrocity, Atrocity, and Post-Atrocity Settings

Richard Weisberg: Dostoevsky’s Jurisprudence
Law students, lawyers, and judges have been reading CRIME AND PUNISHMENT for decades as part of the renewed "Law and Literature movement". Lately, they have been assessing the novel for its acute representation of the law's treatment of the outsider,...

Floersheimer Center: Social Media Governance, Content Moderation, and Democracy
Floersheimer Center for Constitutional Democracy - Social Media Governance, Content Moderation, and Democracy - March 29, 2021

Life at Cardozo Now
Cardozo students, faculty, and staff rapidly adjusted to a changed landscape when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived. Cardozo rose to the challenges of the pandemic with enhanced classroom technology and expanded virtual opportunities to connect with facu...

Faculty With Impact: Cardozo Professors in the Media 2020
Cardozo's reputation for academic excellence is rooted in the scholarship of our faculty whose work shapes law and policy. See more of our faculty in the media here: https://go.yu.edu/cardozo/faculty-with-impact-media

Unboxing the Law with Professor Kathryn Miller
The biggest death penalty news from the Supreme Court this term involves the case the Court didn’t decide. On June 29, the Court denied certiorari in Bourgeois v. Barr, which clears the way for the Trump administration to resume federal executions...

Unboxing the Law with Professor Kyron Huigens
In today’s Unboxing the Law, Cardozo professor Kyron Huigens will discuss Trump v. Vance, the subpoena from the NY grand jury. We'll address grand jury secrecy and whether or how the financial information sought will ever see the light of day, the ...

Unboxing the Law with Professor Felix Wu
In this talk, Professor Felix Wu will discuss the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Barr v. AAPC, striking down the government debt exception to the prohibition on robocalls in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). On its face, this case ...

Unboxing the Law with Professor Michael Herz
The Supreme Court decided Seila Law LLC v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a major separation-of-powers case regarding the structure of the CFPB. The Bureau is unusual, though not unique, in being headed by a single person who can be fired only...

Center for Constitutional Democracy Annual Supreme Court Term Round Up July 6. 2020
Floersheimer Center Co-Directors Michelle Adams, Michael Pollack and Kate Shaw discussed the 2020-21 Supreme Court decisions that have already been handed down, what decisions we are still awaiting, and what cases we might see next term.

Professor Jessica Roth on impeachment: MSNBC 11.07.19
If [Rudy Guiliani] is pursuing the President's interests, then he's not pursuing the country's best interests and that's where the country is in trouble. The impeachment inquiry is going to be about whether he abused his power by pursuing his narrow...

Faculty With Impact: Cardozo Law in the Media
Cardozo’s reputation for academic excellence is rooted in the scholarship of our faculty whose work shapes law and policy.

Cardozo Presents: Unboxing the Law- Knick vs. Township of Scott- Professors Sterk and Pollack
Join Cardozo Professors Stewart Sterk and Michael Pollack as they discuss the recent Supreme Court case KNICK v. TOWNSHIP OF SCOTT, PENNSYLVANIA.

Cardozo Presents: Unboxing the Law with Professors Kate Levine and Kathryn Miller
Cardozo Professors Kate Levine and Kathryn Miller will dissect Flowers v. Mississippi.