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Florida Attorneys Board Certified in 2015

The Florida Board of Legal Specialization and Education (BLSE) has announced that it certified 192 Florida Attorneys as board certified specialist in 2015. The board certification designation allows these attorneys to use the terms “specialist,” “expert” or “B.C.S.” for Board Certified Specialist when referring to their legal credentials.

Not all qualified attorneys are board certified, but those who are have earned that special designation has submitted themselves to evaluation for their special knowledge, skills, and proficiency in various areas of law and professionalism and ethics in practice. In Florida, board certified lawyers are “Evaluated for Professionalism and Tested for Expertise."

Out of nearly 101,000 lawyers in Florida, only about 4,800 have earned the designation as board certified specialist. Florida offers 25 specialty areas for board certification, more than any other state.

Out of all of the certification classifications, the largest number of board certified attorneys were the 23 attorneys certified for civil trial law. The next largest group was for the 22 attorneys who become certified in construction law.

Also, 22 lawyers were certified in criminal law. Only one attorney was certified in aviation law. No new attorneys were certified in 2015 for Adoption Law, Antitrust and Trade Regulation Law or Criminal Appellate Law.

Also, 22 lawyers were certified in criminal law. Only one attorney was certified in aviation law. No new attorneys were certified in 2015 for Adoption Law, Antitrust and Trade Regulation Law or Criminal Appellate Law.

Aviation Law (1)

Guy S. Haggard, Orlando

Admiralty & Maritime Law (2)

Carlos Felipe Llinás Negret, Miami

Frank Joseph Sioli, Jr., Miami

Intellectual Property Law (2)

William G. Giltinan, Tampa

Javier Sobrado, Miami

Tax Law (2)

Daniel Jonathan Glassman, West Palm Beach

Brian R. Harris, Tampa

Workers’ Compensation Law (2)

Thomas Alan Hedler, West Palm Beach

Jill E. Jacobs, Miami

Health Law (3)

Kimberly J. Donovan, Miami

Erin Elizabeth Houck-Toll, Ft. Myers

Michael Alan Igel, St. Petersburg

Immigration and Nationality Law (3)

Robert Michael Bell, Hollywood

John Gihon, Altamonte Springs

Jacqueline Villalba, Miami

Labor and Employment Law (3)

Sacha Dyson, Tampa

Brian L. Lerner, Ft. Lauderdale

Lavern J. Wilson, Tampa

Elder Law (4)

R. Kellen Bryant, Jacksonville

Jill Robin Ginsberg, Ft. Lauderdale

Marshall McDonald, Tequesta

Teresa Byrd Morgan, Lake City

Wills, Trusts and Estates Law (4)

Forrest Jackson Bass, Punta Gorda

Scott Andrew Bowman, Boca Raton

Andrew K. Fein, Boca Raton

Adam Charles Kerlek, Naples

Education Law (5)

Sarah Wallerstein Koren, Orlando

Paul Matthew Meeker, Dade City

Laura Esterman Pincus, West Palm Beach

Julie Ann Rico, West Palm Beach

Gerard Dominic Solis, Tampa

International Law (6)

Kirk R. Crowder, Tampa

Matthew J. Feeley, Miami

Alvin F. Lindsay, Miami

Joseph Bothwell McFarland, Orlando

Clarissa A. Rodriguez, Miami

Gilbert Kirk Squires, Miami Beach

State and Federal Government and Administrative Practice (6)

Andrew Joseph Baumann, West Palm Beach

Susan Leslie Forbes Clark, Tallahassee

Brittany Adams Long, Tallahassee

Eric T. Olsen, Tallahassee

Patricia Denise Smith, Palm Bay

John Glen Van Laningham, Tallahassee

Marital and Family Law (9)

Kevin D. Brennan, St. Petersburg

Blair Henry Chan III, Tampa

Jennifer A. Ficarrotta, Tampa

Renee Safier Harris, Boca Raton

Brian Karpf, Miami

Charles David Radeline, Palm Harbor

Jennifer Opel Taylor, Viera

Adam S. Vorhis, Gainesville

Adam Matthew Zborowski, North Palm Beach

Business Litigation (11)

Francis Michael Curran, New York, N.Y.

Michael R. Freed, Jacksonville

Scott Jonathan Kennelly, Jacksonville

Andrew Patrick Lannon, Palm Bay

Mark Andrew Nation, Longwood

Javier Adolfo Pacheco, Naples

Derek Ashley Schroth, Eustis

Joel Settembrini, Jacksonville

Shane Brady Vogt, Tampa

Gregory Scott Weiss, Stuart

Michael Ross Whitt, Naples

Appellate Practice (12)

Garnett Wayne Chisenhall Jr., Tallahassee

Donna Louise Eng, West Palm Beach

Kansas R. Gooden, Jacksonville

Suzanne Youmans Labrit, Tampa

Sarah Lahlou-Amine, Tampa

Jonathan Thomas Mann, Boca Raton

Carol Marie Rooney, Tampa

Alan Benjamin Rose, West Palm Beach

Cristine Marie Russell, Jacksonville

James Warren Sherman, Ft. Lauderdale

Elaine D. Walter, Coral Gables

Marlon J. Weiss, Miami

Real Estate Law (16)

Annabella Barboza, Ft. Lauderdale

Wiley S. Boston, II, Orlando

G. Matthew Brockway, Sarasota

Vanessa Negron Cohn, Tampa

Scot Benjamin Copeland, Madison

Brenda B. Ezell, Jacksonville

Scott William Fitzpatrick, Ruskin

Michael T. Hankin, Lakewood Ranch

Liron Offir, Ft. Lauderdale

Cristina M. Pelaez, Coral Gables

William Christopher Rabil, Jacksonville

Ashley Brooke McElreath Rogers, Crestview

Abbie R. Salt, North Miami

Barry Glen Segal, Vero Beach

John E. Wickman, Sarasota

Steven Alexander Williamson, Clearwater

City, County and Local Government Law (18)

Cameron Stewart Clark, Tampa

Jennifer Rhea Cowan, Bradenton

Kelly Martinson Fernandez, Lakewood Ranch

John Raymond Herin, Ft. Lauderdale

Kristin Diane Hual, Pensacola

Cassandra Kellam Jackson, Tallahassee

Jon Aaron Jouben, Brooksville

Fred Koberlein, Lake City

Judith Wolfson Levine, Doral

Robert Max Lohman, Jr., Jupiter

Thomas H. Robertson, Miami

Regina D. Ross, St. Augustine

Carole Sanzeri, Clearwater

Carrie Lynn Sarver, Kissimmee

Steven Brent Spain, Orlando

Nancy Yoshiko Takemori, Tampa

Steven T. Williams, Key West

Michael Anthony Zas, Clearwater

Criminal Trial Law (22)

Dustin Thomas Ward Anderson, Dade City

Blair H. Clarke, St. Petersburg

Steve Graves, Orlando

Lisa Gong Guerrero, Orlando

Nicole Valdes Hardin, Ocala

Eric Jonathan Hubbs, Miami

Court Edward Keeley, Miami

Stacey Elaine Johns Kircher, Daytona Beach

James Lason, Cocoa Beach

Susan Meredith Malove, Orlando

Lily McCarty Gonzalez, Tampa

Andrea McHugh, Sarasota

Maria Pavlidis, Tampa

Amanda Marie Sampaio, Orlando

Fairuze Sofia, Ft. Lauderdale

Joseph Augustine Spataro, Tampa

Nicholas Edward Stack, Tavares

Jennifer Hope Strouf, Tampa

Colleen Marie Tuohy-Fleming, Orlando

Daniel Wehking, Melbourne

James Peter Westervelt, Kissimmee

Michelle Rachel Yard, Orlando

Construction Law (22)

Chad Keflin Alvaro, Orlando

Frederick Conger Barnes, Maitland

Miguel Angel Brizuela, Coconut Grove

Roger Caldwell Brown, Orlando

Monique S. Cardenas, Miami

Angela M. Covington, Tampa

Stephen Richard Gross, Ft. Lauderdale

John David Hanebrink, Orlando

Patrick Christopher Howell, Orlando

Dara Lynn Jebrock, Orlando

Kevin P. Kelly, Orlando

Mark Dawson Kiser, Tampa

Terrence L. Lavy, Ft. Myers

D Spencer Mallard, Miami

W Scott Mason, West Palm Beach

Leo H Meirose Jr., Tampa

David Kenneth Minacci, Tallahassee

Joseph Anthony Passeretti, Pensacola

Karl Egnar Pearson, Maitland

Scott P. Pence, Tampa

Scott William Rostock, Ft. Lauderdale

Evan Jonathan Small, Orlando

Michael Gabriel St. Jacques II, Palm Beach Gardens

Civil Trial Law (23)

Amado Alan Alvarez, Miami

Michael C. Bird, Tampa

Christopher J. Blain, Tampa

P. Hutchison Brock, II, Wesley Chapel

Lee Miller Cohen, West Palm Beach

Brian J. Connelly, Vero Beach

Alan Kraft Cooper, Clearwater

Derek M. Daniels, Tampa

Jeffrey Robert Davis Esq., Miami

Anthony Richard Gonzales, Deerfield Beach

Jerry D. Hamilton, Miami

Nash John Hedrick, Melbourne

Christopher Jason Hinckley, The Villages

Shawn A. Jiles, Winter Haven

Michael S. Kast, Orlando

Hans Kennon, Orlando

Robert L. McLeod II, St. Augustine

Chandra Lee Miller, St. Petersburg

T. Michael Morgan, Orlando

Curry Gary Pajcic, Jacksonville

Justin R. Parafinczuk, Ft. Lauderdale

Benjamin E. Patterson, Chicago, Ill

Matthew Todd Roach, Jacksonville

Dexter Romanez, Miami

Robert Ian Rubin, West Palm Beach

Adam Christopher Shelton, St. Petersburg

Deana M. Sisk, Ft. Myers

Ashleigh Jennifer Smith, Jacksonville

A. Lee Smith, Tampa

James Thomas Smoot, III, Ft. Myers

Matthew Willis Sowell, Jacksonville

Todd J. Stabinski, Miami

Ted M. Stephan, Orlando

Peter W. van den Boom, Bartow

John Robert Whittles, West Palm Beach

Kell Coleman Williams III, Tampa

Gregory T. Zele, Jupiter

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