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For lawyers in Iowa joining state level legal associations provide a variety of benefits including networking opportunities, publications on a specialty practice areas of the law, and access to quality CLE seminars.

Iowa State Bar Association

625 East Court Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50309 · 515-243-3179

The oldest voluntary bar association in the country, the Iowa State Bar Association was formed at the Polk County Courthouse in May of 1874. The association's purpose is to help lawyers in Iowa practice more effectively through products and services. This includes continuing legal education, practice aids, interaction with the judiciary and legislature, law reform participation, and news. Additionally, the Iowa Bar serves to educate the public about legal issues.

Iowa Association for Justice

Iowa Association for Justice

Logo of the Iowa Association for Justice

The Iowa Association for Justice (IAJ) was established in 1973. Today, the organization has grown to nearly 1,000 Iowa attorneys who fight for justice in courtrooms throughout the state. Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, the IAJ works to strengthen our civil and criminal justice systems.

Members include many of the top personal injury attorneys in Iowa, as well as attorneys throughout the state who focus on medical malpractice, product liability, family law and employment law.

Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Iowa Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers was established in 1992 in Des Moines, Iowa. Members of the IACDL include many of the top criminal defense attorneys in Iowa, including both private attornes and public defenders practicing in state and federal court. Law school students can also join the organization as student members. Members of the IACDL are committed to the fair administration of criminal justice and the defense of individuals accused of a crime in state or federal court.

Other Legal Organizations

Other legal organizations in Iowa include: