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Rhode Island Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Rhode Island Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Logo of the RIACDL

The Rhode Island Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (RIACDL) in Providence, Rhode Island, was created to give the criminal defense bar a unified voice and improve the profession. Members include attorneys admitted to the Rhode Island Bar who are actively and substantially engaged in the practice of criminal defense throughout the state.

RIACDLis an affiliate organization of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). Many of the top criminal defense attorneys in Rhode Island belong to this respected non-profit organization.

RIACDL unites private criminal defense attorneys with public defenders to promote progressive legislative changes and sponsor quality continuing education seminars. Every year, RIACDL awards two scholarships for members to attend the National Criminal Defense College in Macon, Georgia.

Contact Information

PO BOX 23101
Visit Website: http://www.riacdl.org/

Benefits of Membership in RIACDL

The benefits of joining RIACDL include:

  • networking opportunities at meetings and social events;
  • access the the listserv discussion forum;
  • access to the private members only section of the RIACDL website with a brief and motion bank;
  • a subscription to the Office of the Public Defenders Training News Newsletter and Criminal Law Reporter case summaries;and
  • discounts on quality Continuing Legal Education seminars related to criminal defense.

Types of membership include regular members, associate members, and student members.

Committees for the RIACDL

Joining a committee is an important way to become more active in the organization. The RIACDL has several standing committees including:

  • By-Laws Committee;
  • Continuing Education Committee;
  • Legislative Committee;
  • Judiciary Committee;
  • Computer Committee; and
  • Nominating Committee.

This article was last updated on Tuesday, December 31, 2019.