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Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Logo of the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

The Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (MACDL) is a not for profit corporation formed in 1978. Since its creation, MACDL has continued to promote excellence in the practice of criminal law and protect the rights of the accused.

With offices in Jefferson City, MO, MACDL is the leading statewide association exclusively serving the comprehensive needs of the criminal defense bar. Members of the MACDL include many of the top criminal defense attorneys in Missouri.

Criminal defense lawyers in Missouri who join MACDL enjoy networking opportunities, publications focused on criminal justice issues and discounts on quality CLE seminars.

Contact Information for MACDL:

Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers MACDL
101 East High Street, Suite 200
P. O. Box 1543
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: 573 636-2822

Benefits of MACDL Membership

The benefits of joining MACDL include:

  • a listing on the public membership directory;
  • invitations to meetings and networking opportunities;
  • access to discussion forums; and
  • discounts on quality CLE seminars on criminal defense topics.

The Lifetime Members of MACDL include:

MACDL Awards

The MACDL gives out several awards to outstanding criminal defense attorneys in the state. Not all awards are given out each year. Those awards include:

  • Atticus Finch Award;
  • Benjamin N. Cardozo Award;
  • Bernie Edelman Tradition Award;
  • Charles Shaw Trial Advocacy Award;
  • Lew Kollias Award;
  • Robert Duncan Appellate Excellence Award;
  • Dr. Terry Martinez Science and the Law Award; and
  • Woodward-Bernstein Award.

Standing Committees on MACDL

Members can take on more active roles within the association by joining various committees. The standing committees include:

  • Amicus Committee;
  • Awards Committee;
  • By-Laws Committee;
  • CLE Committee;
  • Executive Committee;
  • Indigent Defense Committee;
  • Legislative Committee;
  • Membership Committee;
  • Nominating Committee;
  • Publications Committee;

Special committees include:

  • Lawyers Assistance;
  • Strike Force Committee;
  • Website Committee;
  • Juvenile Justice Committee; and
  • DWI Defense Committee.

Past Presidents of MACDL

2013-2014 Kim Benjamin
2012-2013 Jeff Eastman
2011-2012 Brian Gaddy
2010-11 Travis Noble, Jr.
2009-10 Michael McIntosh
2008-09 S. Dean Price
2007-08 Grant Shostak
2006-07 Scott Hamilton
2005-06 Joseph Passanise
2004-05 Timothy Cisar
2003-04 Charles Rogers
2002-03 Patrick Eng
2001-02 Tom Carver
2000-01 Bruce Houdek
1999-00 Larry Schaffer
1998-99 Rick Sindel
1997-98 Elizabeth Unger Carlyle
1996-97 Jim Worthington
1995-96 J.R. Hobbs
1994-95 Dan Viets
1993-94 Jay DeHardt
1992-93 Sean O`Brien
1991-92 Bruce Simon
1990-91 Bernard Edelman
1989-90 Hon. Charles E. Atwell
1988-89 Hugh Kranitz
1987-88 Tom Howe
1986-87 David Godfrey 1
985-86 Hon. J.D. Williamson
1984-85 Robert G. Duncan
1983-84 J. Martin Kerr
1982-83 James Speck
1981-82 Phillip Schwarz
1980-81 Robert Welch
1979-80 Dave Russell
1978-79 Gerald Handley