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Criminal Defense Bar Association of San Diego

The Criminal Defense Bar Association of San Diego (CDBA) is a not-for-profit voluntary organization of criminal defense lawyers in the greater San Diego area of California. The CDBA of San Diego is affiliated with the California Association for Criminal Justice (CACJ).

The mission of CDBA is to protect and insure individual rights guaranteed by the United States and California Constitutions in all criminal cases in state and federal court. The CDBA promotes excellence in the practice of criminal law. The CDBA also promotes the exchange of information among its members including educational materials, publications and articles.

Members are committed to the fair administration of justice and the defense of persons accused of a crime. Members must verify that they are not a member of any law enforcement agency or of any agency engaged in the prosecution of criminal matters. If members choose to participate in the organization’s listserve, the member must agree to maintain the confidentiality of the listserve.

Contact Information for CDBA

Criminal Defense Bar Association of San Diego
PO Box 124656
San Diego, CA 92112
Phone 619-232-3320
Fax 619-232-8271
Visit the CACJ Website - www.sddefense.org

Benefits of Membership in CDBA

Criminal Defense attorneys in San Diego, California who join the CDBA enjoy benefits of membership including:

  • invitations to networking opportunties with other criminal defense attorneys;
  • access to the CDBA newsletters;
  • access to the motion and brief bank; and
  • access to the listserve.

The level of membership in CDBA include:

  • Sustaining* - $150
  • General - $75
  • Level I and II Public Defenders $50
  • First-Year Lawyer or Student - Free

* Sustaining members receive special recognition on the website and in the newsletter.

** First year of CDBA membership only.

CDBA Sustaining Members

The sustaining members of the CDBA have provided additional financial support to the CDBA. Former sustaining members include:

Ben Kington currently serves as the Executive Director of the CDBA.

At Lawyer Legion we recognize the important role these organizations play in supporting criminal defense attorneys in San Diego, CA. This article was last updated on Tuesday, December 25, 2019.