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Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association

The Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association is a non-profit organization that works to preserve the American legal system and protect the rights of individuals within that system. PTLA is the oldest trial lawyers organization in Pennsylvania.

For more than 50 years it has supported, trained and educated criminal and criminal litigation attorneys throughout the City of Philadelphia. The PTLA gives a more united voice to attorneys practicing within the civil or criminal fields of jurisprudence.

Members in the organization include plaintiffs counsel who primarily represents plaintiffs, claimants, or litigants who have suffered injury or damage in personal injury cases. Members also include criminal defense attorneys in Philadelphia who fight to protect their clients and individual rights within the criminal justice system.

The PTLA is designated as an accredited provider by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board. It sponsors several seminars for trial attorneys throughout the year and a Luncheon Lecture Series.

For more than 30 years, the PTLA has hosted the annual Justice Michael A. Musmanno Award Dinner. At the dinner, the PTLA honors a judge or lawyer for their work in fulfilling the ideals of the organization. The PTLA also awards outstanding law students with its James J. Manderino Awards for Trial Advocacy.


Benefits of Membership in the PTLA

The benefits of membership in the PTLA include:

  • a listing on the PTLA membership directory which encourages referrals between the members;
  • access to litigation materials including CCP and HIPAA forms, and Police Overlay Sheets;
  • access to the Plaintiffs Counsel Section with a separate Listserver;
  • a more united voice before the court, administrative officers of the court, and comments on local and statewide Rules of Civil Procedure;
  • participation in amicus curiae in important cases with significant impact;
  • a subscription to Verdict, the PTLA's newsletter which reports on recent Pennsylvania appellate decisions, upcoming events, and case notes; 
  • access to the Defense Expert Witness Bank with information on expert witnesses;
  • the ability to rent anatomical models to our members including the human torso, spinal column, dual herniated disc, head, hand, eye, knee, foot, hip, shoulder, heart, and more;
  • access to the Frohse Anatomical Charts and the CIBA Collection of Medical Illustrations; and
  • invitations to the annual Cocktail Party to network with judges and other attorneys in a more relaxed setting.

Past Presidents of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association

The Past Presidents of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association include:

2020-21 Daniel Jeck
2019-20 Thomas W. Sheridan          
2018-19 Timothy R. Lawn          
2017-18 Larry Bendesky          
2016-17 Ezra Wohlgelernter           
2015-16 Joseph L. Messa, Jr.           
2013-14 Nancy J. Winkler           
2012-13 Thomas J. Duffy           
2011-12 Laura Feldman
2010-11 Ronald A. Kovler
2009-10 Stewart J. Eisenberg           
2008-09 Michael F. Barrett
2007-08 Mark W. Tanner           
2006-07 John M. Dodig
2005-06 Samuel H. Pond           
2004-05 James J. McEldrew, III           
2003-04 Robert J. Mongeluzzi           
2002-03 Steven G. Wigrizer           
2001-02 Kenneth M. Rothweiler
2000-01 George Martin           
1999-00 Richard M. Golomb           
1998-99 Gerald A. McHugh, Jr.           
1997-98 Ruben Honik           
1996-97 Bernard W. Smalley
1995-96 Alan M. Feldman           
1994-95 Nancy H. Fullam           
1993-94 Robert A. Newman           
1992-93 Stephen T. Saltz           
1991-92 Edward F. Chacker
1990-91 Allan H. Gordon           
1989-90 Martin Greitzer           
1988-89 Mayer Horwitz           
1987-88 Carol Nelson Shepherd           
1986-87 Paul R. Anapol
1985-86 Gerald D. Garfinkle           
1984-85 Martin M. Krimsky           
1983-84 Donald E. Matusow           
1982-83 Michael C. Rainone           
1981-82 William L. Keller
1980-81 Richard I. Torpey           
1979-80 James F. Mundy           
1978-79 M. Mark Mendel           
1977-78 Bernard M. Gross           
1976-77 Robert C. Daniels
1975-76 Morris M. Shuster           
1974-75 Benjamin Kuby           
1973-74 Marvin I. Barish           
1972-73 William A. Goichman           
1971-72 S. Gerald Litvin
1970-71 James E. Beasley           
1969-70 Jerome H. Ellis
1968-69 Frank Eustace
1967-68 Elias Magil, Jr.
1966-67 Frank J. Marolla, Jr.
 1965-1966 Sidney B. Klovsky           
1963-65 Cornelius C. O’Brien           
1961-63 Elwood S. Levy           
1959-61 Joseph Feldman           
1959 B. Nathaniel Richter

Finding a Trial Lawyer in Philadelphia, PA

If you need to find a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia or another type of trial lawyer throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, then consider beginning your search with the members of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association. For more than 50 years, this organization has provided training, education, and support to attorneys throughout the greater Philadelphia area.