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Las Vegas Defense Lawyers (LVDL)

The Las Vegas Defense Lawyers (LVDL) are an association of civil defense attorneys in the State of Nevada. The association helps civil defense lawyers save time, build stronger cases, and defend their clients better. The LVDL has more than 125 attorneys in Clark County and Northern Nevada.

The Las Vegas Defense Lawyers recognizes that plaintiff attorneys are well organized and have worked together to exchange information. The LVDL was formed to give defense lawyers some of those same important advantages.

By working together the members of the LVDL have a more unified voice to make a bigger impact at the legislative level and in the selection of judges and legislators.

Contact Information:

Las Vegas Defense Lawyers (LVDL)
3960 Howard Hughes Pkwy, Suite 200
Las Vegas, NV 89169
(702) 257-1997
Website: lasvegasdefenselawyers.org/

Benefits of Joining the LVDL 

Visit the LVDL website to share news about upcoming activities and other information. Members of the LVDL can access a defense only forum to find documents, strategy discussions, news, and practice tips. Only civil defense attorneys and firms have access to our database of resources.

Members practice civil defense litigation while engaged in the private practice of law. Practice areas include construction law, public entity, employment law, toxic torts, personal injury, transportation, insurance law and litigation, general liability, landowner liability, health care, and product liability.

Membership into the Las Vegas Defense Lawyers is regulated by the Bylaws of the Organization.

Membership Fees for the LVDL

Annual dues for LVDL membership are as follows:

  • Regular Members: $200 Independent Counsel in Practice for More Than Five Years
  • Young Lawyers: $150 In Practice 0-5 Years
  • Associate Members: $175 Regulated per the Bylaws for non-attorneys

Member agree to Pledge Confidentiality that nothing learned, discussed or obtained from LVDL will be transmitted or shared with outside individuals or organizations, including plaintiff's bar without approval by majority vote of the Directors.

Committees of the LVDL

Members of the LVDL are encouraged to join volunteer committees for Social Media/Website, Events, Media, Education, Finance, Membership, Community Service, and Insurance.

This article on a civil defense association was last updated on Monday, May 1, 2017.