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Associations for Civil Defense Lawyers

Find a list of associations at the national level for civil defense lawyers.

Founded in 1941, the Association of Defense Trial Attorneys is an association of attorneys who provide a complete legal service to persons or companies who require defense within the civil justice system. Members of the Association of Defense Trial Attorneys include trial lawyer doing principally defense work in insurance and self-insurer activities with more than five (5) years defense trial experience. Members also include corporate counsel and employees of insurance companies or self-insureds are ineligible for membership. The organization was formally known as the Association of Insurance Attorneys.

Find a list of associations at the state and local level:  

The Las Vegas Defense Lawyers (LVDL) are an association of civil defense attorneys in the State of Nevada. The association helps civil defense lawyers save time, build stronger cases, and defend their clients better. The LVDL has more than 125 attorneys in Clark County and Northern Nevada.

The Las Vegas Defense Lawyers recognizes that plaintiff attorneys are well organized and have worked together to exchange information. The LVDL was formed to give defense lawyers some of those same important advantages. By working together the members of the LVDL have a more unified voice to make a bigger impact at the legislative level and in the selection of judges and legislators.