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How my clerkship helped my career in litigation. #Shorts
Have you ever wondered how a clerkship could help jumpstart your career as a litigator? Jo Banh shares her experience and how the ABA Young Lawyers Division has helped her journey. #LawClerk #LitigationLawyer

3 tips to consider when switching jobs. #Shorts
If you want to switch jobs, here are 3 tips from Heather Bowen Pascual to help you navigate from resignation day to onboarding day. #CareerTransition #JobSearchTips #CareerAdvice

3 things you didn't know about women in the legal profession. #Shorts
Learn more: https://ambar.org/sd6u31em #WomeninLaw #FemaleLawyer

Talking about your neurodivergence as a lawyer. #Shorts
Q&A with Haley Moss (@haley.moss): "Do I tell people I have a disability?" #Neurodivergent #Lawyers

Let's talk about DEI in the legal profession. #Shorts
How diverse is the legal profession? Learn more: https://ambar.org/7eplfb6k #Lawyers #Diversity

Can I join YLD if I'm in my 40s? #shorts
To any new lawyers, the Young Lawyers Division is the place for you. Learn more: https://ambar.org/zklj4ez9 #YoungLawyers #NewLawyer

5 steps to handling your first negotiation. #shorts
If you're handling your first negotiation- congratulations! Here are 5 steps to achieve the best possible outcome. Learn more: https://ambar.org/r3kttfkf #negotiationtips #disputeresolution #professionaldevelopment

Happy New Year from the ABA YLD. #shorts
Happy New Year from the ABA YLD. We hope to see you at Midyear in Louisville, Kentucky. Register today: https://ambar.org/vediadhl

What I wish I knew as a first-generation lawyer. #shorts
Collins Saint talks about the importance of networking in building your career. #firstgeneration #lawyersoftiktok #networking

Feeling stressed? Take a day off. #shorts
Law student Kaitlyn Hyun shares her tips for combatting stress. #mentalhealth #lawstudents #stressrelief

3 Tips For Working Remotely. #shorts
If you're a remote worker, here are 3 tips to help you successfully work from home. #WFH #RemoteWorker #WFHTips

CLE deadline reminder #Shorts
Have you met your mandatory CLE requirements yet? For more information, visit https://ambar.org/vrjiyhco #LegalEducation

Presidential Speaker Series: Democracy in Peril
"American democracy and the rule of law are the causes of our times," said former federal judge J. Michael Luttig in conversation with former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Charles Johnson. "Never before in the history of our country, since it’...

3 things you didn't know about the legal profession in Washington D.C. #shorts
Which fact surprised you the most? Learn more: https://ambar.org/4zl46vy0 #WashingtonDC #FunFacts

The ABA Presidential Speaker Series
The ABA Presidential Speaker Series is back with a vital question: What safeguards are critical to protect our democracy? Join us for “Democracy in Peril,” Dec. 14, at 3 p.m. ET with expert insights from former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh ...

Happy Holidays #shorts
A holiday message from Tamara Nash, 2023-2024 chair of the ABA Young Lawyers Division. #YoungLawyers

4 reasons you struggle with multiple choice questions. #shorts
It's officially test-taking season. If you struggle with multiple choice questions, here are a few reasons why. #ExamSeason #StudyTips #LawSchool

Law students share their top self-care tips. #shorts
Today's self-care theme: stay active. Thank you to Rochelle Podolsky and Affan Nagi for the advice. #SelfCare #LawStudent #MentalHealth

Top 2 networking tips from a recent law school graduate. #shorts
Tracy Guervil, recent Florida A&M University College of Law graduate, shares her top two networking tips when attending events. #networkingtips #networking

Mental health tips for students. #shorts
Erin Esterson, Student Bar Association president at the University of Baltimore School of Law, shares her favorite ways to reduce stress and burnout. #selfcare #stressrelief

The history of Thanksgiving #shorts
#OnThisDay in 1939, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt celebrated #Thanksgiving.

What surprised me the most in law school. #shorts
Tyler White, SBA President at The University of Mississippi School of Law, shares what surprised him the most while studying law.

What surprised you when you started practicing law? #shorts
Not all law firms are the same. Featured: Valerie Desroches #attorney #lawfirms #adviceoftheday

ABA Presidential Speaker Series: Artificial Intelligence – The New Frontier
Featuring Daniel Ho, member of the National AI Advisory Committee and William Benjamin Scott and Luna M. Scott Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and Associate Director of the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence; Michel...

ABA Presidential Speaker Series: Martin Scorsese and Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear
Martin Scorsese and Chief Standing Bear, principal chief of the Osage Nation, discuss the cultural and political story behind the movie Killers of the Flower Moon. Moderated by ABA President Mary Smith and American Bar Foundation President Jimmy K....

Two tips to manage career stress #shorts
Dealing with stress in your career is inevitable, but here are two tips from Lexi Lutz, senior corporate counsel at Nordstrom, for managing it.

What is your best networking tip? #shorts
The key to networking: Get involved and show up. Featured: Sean Deskins, Tara Sease and Tom Gahum #networkingtips #getinvolved #attorneys

Attorneys share their top networking tips. #shorts
Attorneys Brandon Riches, Fabiani Duarte and Ray Panneton share their top networking tips. #networkingtips #advice

Law students share tips for law school success. #shorts
Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University students, Rochelle Podolsky and Collis Gittens, share their top tips for law school success. #lawstudent #advice #lawschool

Dealing with imposter syndrome as a black female attorney. #shorts
Fight imposter syndrome with confidence. Featured: Kortney Simmons #impostersyndrome #advice

Remember the people who helped you on your journey. #shorts
Featured: Antwuan Hawkins #advice #lawschool #attorney

How to deal with imposter syndrome as a first-gen law student. #shorts
Bethany Peterson, a 3L and first-generation law student at UNM School of Law, tells us how she deals with imposter syndrome.

We asked incoming 3Ls: How do you deal with imposter syndrome? #shorts
We talked to Grace St.Urbain at UMass Law and Leah Kubala at NKU Chase College of Law about their tips on overcoming #impostersyndrome. Here's what they had to say. #lawstudents #advice

Starting your first legal job? Here's how the ABA can help. #shorts
Collins Saint shares how the ABA can help you navigate the journey into your first legal role with ease.

Here's a tip if you're feeling nervous about attending a networking event #shorts
Featured: Kevin Doran #networkingtips #legalprofessionals

ABA Presidential Speaker Series: Dolores Huerta and Rev. Miguel Bustos
Civil rights activist Dolores Huerta calls on lawyers to help "save our democracy." View this important conversation with Huerta, co-founder of the United Farmworkers Association, and Rev. Miguel Bustos, former Executive Director of the California La...

Top 2 networking tips from an attorney #shorts
Thank you to Kenny Matuszewski, a patent attorney from Chicago, IL, for sharing his top networking tips with us.

Law students share their tips to de-stress #shorts
In honor of Law Student Mental Health Day, law students share their best tips to deal with stress and burnout. Featured: Adrian Rodriquez, Raynold Kinslow, Taylor Boatright (@taylorsboatright)

How law students deal with stress #shorts
Did you know today is World Mental Health Day and Law Student Mental Health Day? Thank you to Erin Esterson, Jeremy Gustafson, and David Lamb for sharing their tips for dealing with stress.

What is your top networking tip? #shorts
Featured: Job Okeri, Tracy Guervil, Khawla Rahman #networkingtips #studentadvice #younglawyers

What I wish I knew as a first-gen law student #shorts
Lawyer Julie Merow shares what she wishes she would have known as a first generation law student.

Transitioning from law student to licensed attorney #shorts
Thank you, Armin, for sharing your words of advice with us. What advice would you add? #attorney #younglawyer #advice #mentalhealth

How to network effectively at events #shorts
Don't forget to be yourself. Featured: Darnell Barton #attorney #networkingtips #networking

My first day at #ABAAnnual! #shorts
Come follow along as recent law school grad Veronica Constable takes you along on her first day at #ABAAnnual, including networking and CLE events.

Take care of yourself. #shorts
This #MentalHealth Awareness Month and every month, take care of yourself. Don't be afraid to ask for help. You matter. Find more mental health resources here: https://ambar.org/dkjhog

Taking care of your mental health in law school #shorts
Mental health resources for lawyers are out there. Your well-being is too important not to take advantage of them: https://ambar.org/amnntk

Mental Health Awareness Month: Three Longhand Pages #shorts
It's #MentalHealth Awareness Month! Here's how writing three longhand pages first thing in the morning can help your mental health. Get more resources here: https://ambar.org/5z28en

April is #AutismAwareness Month. Let's look at it as #AutismAcceptance Month.
April is #AutismAwareness Month. To celebrate #AutismAcceptance, here's how to best accommodate neurodiverse lawyers and neurodivergent clients: https://ambar.org/2qwp3o

Veterans Treatment Courts - Resolution 105A (2010 ABA Midyear)
Learn about the 2010 ABA House of Delegates Resolution 105A that helped establish Veterans Treatment Courts in the USA. The ABA works to defend liberty and pursue justice #forall www.americanbar.org

ABA House of Delegates Resolution 102B | Disaster Legal Services
In 2009, the ABA passed policy to help fund disaster legal services to those in need. Defending Liberty and Pursuing Justice #ForAll www.americanbar.org

American Bar Association #ForAll
The American Bar Association believes justice, humanity, equality and opportunity is #forall. Defending Liberty and Pursuing Justice www.americanbar.org

ABA Annual Meeting 2022 | House of Delegates Impact of Resolution 102
The ABA House of Delegates votes on policies but often wonders if those policies make an impact. Revisit a 2015 policy that focuses on attorney mental health and removing stigma. Defending Liberty and Pursuing Justice #ForAll www.americanbar.org

ABA Resolution 101A | Fairness For Breastfeeding Mothers Act
Hear Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois thank the ABA's House of Delegates for their support of the Fairness For Breastfeeding Mothers Act. This law supports and protects families in the U.S. Defending Liberty and Pursuing Justice #ForAll www.ameri...

ABA House of Delegates Resolution 108 | Military Spouses
Legal professionals who are married to military spouses face a unique set of challenges. Learn how the ABA's Commission on Women in the Profession sought and found help for these individuals. Defending Liberty and Pursuing Justice #ForAll www.americ...

ABA House of Delegates Resolution 115 | Violence Against Women Act
A 2012 ABA House of Delegates decision to support the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act proved to be pivotal in getting this bill passed. VAWA aims to help victims of domestic violence by providing critical services to survivors, as w...

Military Survivor Benefits | ABA Resolution 105
Discover how the ABA's endorsement of Resolution 105 helped secure the financial future of special needs children of military families. Defending Liberty and Pursuing Justice #ForAll www.americanbar.org

Anti-Shackling Proposal | ABA Resolution 107A
In 2013, the ABA House of Delegates passed the Anti-Shackling Resolution that barred indiscriminate use of shackles on juveniles. Learn more about the impact this resolution has had on the lives of young Americans. Defending Liberty and Pursuing Jus...

2009 ABA House of Delegates Resolution 300
Learn more about the 2009 decision to include mediation in foreclosure disputes and the effect the ABA House of Delegates had on this decision. Defending Liberty and Pursuing Justice #ForAll www.americanbar.org

Access to Justice Resolution 10B | Project Rural Practice
Explore the issue of diminishing practicing lawyers in rural areas, and what the ABA has done to help. Through the passing of Resolution 10B, Project Rural Practice became law. This project incentivizes lawyers to start or move their practice to rur...

Lawyer Mental Health Matters
Don’t let fear and shame stop you from getting help. Join the ABA as we fight to end stigma around mental health and addiction issues. Seeking help is a sign of strength. Hear from others who've taken that step.

What is the rule of law?
The ABA stands for the rule of law. Stand with us. #ruleoflaw

What should the rule of law guarantee?
The ABA stands for the rule of law. Stand with us. #ruleoflaw

What is the rule of law?
The ABA stands for the rule of law. Stand with us. #ruleoflaw

Former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ Advice to Young Lawyers
Gonzales talks about the importance of joining professional boards as a young lawyer, the need to find not only mentors but sponsors, and his words of wisdom to minority lawyers.

Why You Need A Mentor And How To Find One
Finding a mentor can be hard, but it’s one of the most important factors in your career success. Young attorneys Cabell Clay, Tamara Nash, Nicole Del Rio, Tomas Garcia, Logan Murphy, Tommy Preston and Choi Portis share how they found theirs and oth...

Take a stand with the ABA for migrant children and families
Learn more about the ABA Commission on Immigration and help ensure that migrant parents, children, and adults do not face the immigration system alone.

What I Wish I Had Known: Young Attorneys Weigh In
Attorneys from various fields talk about the things they wish they had known during law school or their first years on the job.

What I Wish I Had Known: We’re All Learning As We Go
Attorney Greg Northen talks about the power of embracing the journey.

What I Wish I Had Known: Get Involved Early
Attorney Miriah Holden shares why getting involved in bar associations earlier in her career would have been beneficial.

What I Wish I Had Known: Learn Your Craft
Attorney Tommy Preston talks about the importance of focusing on learning as much as possible early in your career.

What I Wish I Had Known: Attend Events
Attorney Annie Zhang says attending law-related events can make students stand out from the crowd.

What I Wish I Had Known: Take Risks
Attorney Logan Murphy talks about the importance of embracing opportunities in your legal career.

What I Wish I Had Known: Take Charge of Your Career
Attorney Cabell Clay says personal responsibility is at the core of a successful law career.