List of Attorney Directories

Finding the right attorney is a difficult task. Online attorney directories should make that task easier. The most popular legal directories are maintained by large corporations, state bar associations, local bar associations, voluntary bar associations, specialty bar associations, and non-profit organizations. Each directory has a different way of rating or ranking lawyers in different legal categories

Unlike print directories or the yellow pages that were popular in the past, an online attorney directory can provide a convenient way for the public to access a wealth of information quickly. Most online directories are sorted by different specialty practice areas of the law including immigration, family law, personal injury or criminal defense. Online directories also allow the user to search by the attorney's name or location.

In many legal directories, the attorney can add a biography, an RSS blog feed, a description of their practice areas, and information on their education, awards, speaking engagements, and publications. The attorneys can also add a link to their website and profiles on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Yelp or Facebook. 

The most popular directories are moving away from solely having paid or sponsored listings in a "pay to play" model and towards completely free listings.

Completely Free Attorney Directory

Lawyer Legion - We created our directory with 100% free listings. No paid listing or advertising by the attorney is allowed. Lawyer Legion has more than 100,000 attorney profiles listing in our database. Attorneys are ranked according to objective criteria such as their membership and leadership in respected specialty bar associations, board certification programs, and non-profit legal organizations. Lawyer Legion is the only nationwide online directory in the country that allows the viewer to narrow their search to only board certified attorneys in different specialty practice areas. Search for an attorney by name, location, or by practice area.

Basic Free Listings with Optional Paid Listings

Avvo - Online attorney directory with nearly 1.5 million attorney profile pages. Avvo ranks attorneys with a score between 1 to 10. Attorneys can endorse other attorneys. Members of the public can provide a testimonial or review of the attorney. Avvo provides information on an attorney's disciplinary history. Listings are free. Search results come with sponsored listings at the top and advertisements from lawyers on the right side. Attorneys can pay $49.95 per month for an upgraded "pro" listing to eliminate ads on the profile page. Attorneys can also pay to place ads throughout the site.

Justia's Lawyer Directory - Justia provides profiles for lawyers and legal aid organizations by practice area and location. The profiles are free. Attorneys can also pay to be a "featured attorney" which appear at the top of the directory and along the right-hand side. Justia's online lawyer directory also lists thousands of non-profit legal aid and service organizations that provide free or low-cost legal services. - Founded in 2008, LawyerCentral provides a simple search tool, which will yield results clearly attorneys in a specific location and focused on a particular practice area of the law. The company is managed by Lawyer Central Network, LLC in Warren, New Jersey. Lawyer Central provides free profiles to attorneys. After claiming the profile in the online attorney directory, registered attorneys have access to premium products and services.

Lawyer Directories Focused on Paid Listings

FindLaw’s Lawyer Directory - FindLaw’s Lawyer Directory is a free Internet database that includes over 900,000 profiles of lawyers and law firms in the United States and Canada, including international offices. Findlaw was acquired in 2001 by Thomson West, a division of publishing powerhouse Thomson Reuters. All online attorney listings are paid or sponsored listings.

    • Super Lawyers - In February of 2010, Thomson Reuters acquired Super Lawyers. This online attorney directory selects attorneys for inclusion based on peer nominations and evaluations combined with third party research. Skeletal listings are free, although if the attorney wants a picture or link to their website, then the attorney must upgrade to an "expanded online profile" that costs between $450 to $600 per year. Super Lawyers provides attorneys with other print and online advertising opportunities. - is an online attorney directory owned by LexisNexis. All listings are "paid" or "sponsored" listings.

    • Martindale-Hubbell - Also owned by LexisNexis, is an online version of Martindale-Hubbell's directory. Skeletal profiles on are free, although the profile does not include the attorney's phone number or a link to the attorney's website. Attorneys can pay for a "professional biography."
    • Nolo - Nolo's mission is helping consumers and small businesses find answers to their everyday legal and business questions. It began publishing do-it-yourself legal guides in 1971. Today, Nolo has evolved into the web’s largest collection of free consumer-friendly legal information. Nolo's "Find a Lawyer" Directory contains paid listings. The directory also acknowledges attorneys who are "Nolo Contributors." Advertising opportunities on the directory are offered on a pay per lead or flat rate. The Nolo Legal Directory allows the attorney to add information about the firm including an overview, an explanation of the fee structure, office information, firm philosophy, and attorney biography.

Top Ranked Lawyer Directories in the United States in 2017

One way to determine which lawyer directories get the most traffic is by considering their ranking on Alexa tracks the rankings for websites by estimating their average daily visitors and pageviews. Alexa then ranks websites across the Globe and in each county including the United States. In this article, we decided to rank the most popular legal directories based on their traffic. 

The top ranked lawyer directories in the United States according to Alexa (as of Saturday, February 11, 2017) include:

  • - Alexa Rank in US - 1,395
  • - Alexa Rank in US - 1,607
  • - Alexa Rank in US - 1,997  
  • - Alexa Rank in US - 2,223
  • - Alexa Rank in US - 5,100
  • - Alexa Rank in US - 15,820
  • - Alexa Rank in US - 18,126
  • - Alexa Rank in US - 22,364
  • - Alexa Rank in US - 62,633
  • - Alexa Rank in US - 67,527
  • Best Lawyers - Alexa Rank in US -111,642
  • - Alexa Rank in US - 155,776
  • Lawyer Legion - Alexa Rank in US - 196,629
  • Alexa Rank in US - 226,218

Alexa Global Rankings for Attorney Directories

  • - Global Rank  7,657  
  • - Global Rank - 8,696
  • - Global Rank 10,025  
  • - Global Rank 10,991  
  • - Global Rank  28,910
  • - Global Rank  70,740
  • - Global Rank  98,261
  • - Global Rank 99,743
  • Global Rank 106,726 
  • - Global Rank 123,011
  • 226,505
  • Best Lawyers - Global Rank 434,584
  • - Global Rank 620,196
  • Lawyer Legion - Global Rank 845,521

Other Legal Directories that Rank Attorneys Legal Directory - With 850,000 unique visitors per month looking for legal help, allows a firm listing with free basic information or Premium listing. When registered with, the attorney can publish articles at no cost. - Established in 1999, LegalMatch is a private U.S. corporation with a free, online legal matching service to help people find prescreened local lawyers in selected practice areas of the law. LegalMatch operates the matching services in all 50 States from its headquarters in San Francisco, CA. LegalMatch also has offices in Los Angeles, CA, and Austin, TX.  In 2003, Utah replaced their traditional lawyer referral operation with LegalMatch’s Online Attorney-Client Matching. - Best Lawyers a respected peer-review publication for the legal profession. For more than thirty years, Best Lawyers lists are seen as a reliable and unbiased source for legal referrals. Best Lawyers provides a list of attorneys compiled by conducting peer-review surveys in which tens of thousands of lawyers confidentially evaluate their professional peers. Lawyers are not permitted to pay any fee to participate in or be included on the Best Lawyers list. The listings are published in almost 70 countries around the world. The last edition included 55,041 attorneys in 140 practice areas, covering all 50 states and the District of Columbia. - Based in the UK, Legal500 is a guide to the legal market in over 70 countries. The website “ranks” law firms in different countries, regions, and areas of practice. It is endorsed by the Commerce & Industry Group and recognized by The Law Society of England & Wales. Legal 500 lists around 50 editors and researchers on its website. Legal 500 covers firms in the United States.

The Definition of "Lawyer Directories"

Although the definition for these directories will vary, the newly adopted Florida Bar Rules for attorney advertising define the term "lawyer directory" as follows:

"a person, group of persons, association, organization, or entity that receives any consideration, monetary or otherwise, given in exchange for publishing a listing of lawyers together in one place, such as a common Internet address, a book or pamphlet, a section of a book or pamphlet, in which all the participating lawyers and their advertisements are provided and the viewer is not directed to a particular lawyer or lawyers."

The Florida Bar rules define the term "lawyer directory" in a way that does not apply to either local or voluntary bar associations that list its members on its website or in its publications or to traditional telephone directories such as the white pages or the yellow pages.

Directories to Check the Attorney's Eligibility and Disciplinary History

Attorney Directories by State Bar Associations - Visit this list of online attorney directories maintained by the different bar associations or disciplinary boards in each state. The attorney's profile in the directory indicates whether the attorney is eligible to practice law in that state. Many of these directories indicate whether the attorney has any disciplinary history and a link to additional information. The directories maintained by the state bar tends to have the most updated contact information for the attorney. Instead of using a rating system to rank attorneys, these directories by bar associations typically list the attorneys according to search criteria and then in alphabetical order or by using a random ranking system.

More information on Directories of Attorney and Legal Directories

List of Attorney Directories - The University of California Hastings College of Law Library maintains this list of attorney directories. The list discusses the different rating systems within each law directory database. Find information on questions to ask an attorney and the best ways to locate a local attorney in your area. 

Directories of Lawyers - Duke University School of Law in Durham, NC, maintains this list of Directories for Lawyers. Find information on the attorney ranking systems used by both online directories and print directories. The guide also includes information on state specific attorney directories, and specialized directories, listings for women and minority attorneys, and international listings.

Supreme Court Counsel Directory - The website for the Supreme Court of the United States maintains a directory of counsel listings which identifies all Supreme Court bar members who participated in a particular case argued before the Court. Information is listed for the cases argued during the indicated Term, the U. S. Reports volume and part number for the particular preliminary print in which the cases will appear. The list includes the docket number, name, and date of argument of each such case. The directory identifies the attorney argued each case and specifying each attorney whose name appears on a brief on the merits if he or she was a member of the Court's Bar at the time the case was argued.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Legal Directories - Larry Bodine, a marketer, journalist, and attorney, interviews Conrad Saam of Mockingbird Marketing, who says that there are a dozen “Good” directories. The top three include Avvo, Justia and Lawyer Legion, the last of which ties into a lawyer's profile with different non-profit legal organizations such as NORML. The other best attorney directories mentioned in the article included Lawdeeda,, Lawyer Central, Martindale-Hubbell, Nolo,, Target Law and Legal Web Finder.

This article was last updated on Friday, February 17, 2017.