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Community Involvement


Lawyer Legion - recognized for Community Involvement

At Lawyer Legion, we recognize attorneys for their involvement in the legal community. In the legal profession, community involvement takes many forms including:

  • earning the designation as board certified specialist in a state or national program;
  • becoming a member or leader of a non-profit specialty bar association;
  • completing at least 20 extra hours of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) training at live and in-person seminars; and
  • performing at least 50 hours annually in pro bono legal services for the indigent, disadvantaged, or underrepresented.

Non-profit legal organizations and specialty certification programs depend on attorneys being willing to step out of their practice and volunteer their time to give back to the community.

The time lawyers spent volunteering in legal organizations ultimately helps attorneys take advantage of educational opportunities, sharpen their leadership skills, and mentor younger attorneys. In exchange, non-profit legal organizations serve attorneys by providing support, offering continuing legal education, and facilitating networking opportunities.

For the public, specialty bar associations and certification programs provide an important way to confirm an attorney's claim to focus on a niche practice area. 

Downloading Your Badge

Our community Involvement badge recognized attorneys who give back to the legal community through their membership and leadership in trusted non-profit legal organizations and specialty certification programs.


Attorneys who have earned their recognition for community involvement have the exclusive opportunity to display their badge on their website or other online property at no cost. Simply follow the steps below to download the customized code unique needed to display the badge. Add the code to your website or send the code directly to your web manager.

Showcasing Your Community Involvement

In addition to adding your community service badge from Lawyer Legion, consider adding a page to your website showcasing your law firm's involvement in the legal community and commitment to providing pro bono services.

List your membership in non-profit legal organizations, as well as other types of civic, charitable, and philanthropic organizations. If your employees volunteer their time to help the community, then showcase that information on your website.

Your law firm's commitment to volunteering time and making financial contributions to non-profit organizations might encourage others to get more involved. At Lawyer Legion, we highlight several examples of attorneys focused on community involvement.

Our online attorney directory recognizes attorneys for using their time, energy, and specialized knowledge to help others in their community.

Additional Resources

The Benefits of Community Service to the Lawyer - Visit the website of the American Bar Association (ABA) to find an article published on September 15, 2014, about the benefits of community service for the lawyer and not just the community. Community service takes all forms including helping the poor through pro-bono service, joining a voluntary bar association, serving on the board of a non-profit organization, or organizing a CLE seminar or networking events for attorneys.

This article was last updated on Thursday, February 13, 2020.