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Directory of Commercial Truck Accident Attorneys

At Lawyer Legion, we created a directory of attorneys focused on commercial trust accidents. Use our directory to search for personal injury attorneys that devote a significant portion of their practice to these types of cases. Search for attorneys and law firms by state, city, or zip code.

Find profiles in a particular city or state. The profiles have information on the attorney's membership and leadership in legal organizations related to personal injury law and commercial truck accidents, speaking engagements at quality CLE seminars, and participation in specialty certification programs.

The statistics regarding commercial truck accidents are complicated because of the many different classes of trucks, vans, semi-trailers and rigs crossing our nation’s surface roads and interstate highways. In 2011, trucks moved more than 9.2 billion tons of freight which represent approximately 67% of all freight moved across the country. Commercial trucking is a necessary cog in the wheel of American industry. Without commercial trucking, raw materials and consumer goods would not get to market and our economy would slow down.

Because of the sheer size of a commercial vehicle, when a crash occurs the personal injuries can be catastrophic. Some personal injury attorneys focus a large part of their legal practice on commercial truck accident cases.

Are the big trucks responsible for most of the accidents and fatalities?

With the large volume of commercial trucking activity accidents will happen. Of the 15.5 million trucks which operate in America, only 2 million are tractor trailers. There are risks and dangers moving large amounts of time sensitive freight from coast to coast. Of the 41,000 – 45,000 of motor vehicle fatalities each year, only 9% are caused by commercial vehicles of any kind.

Because of their size and weight, when tractor trailers are involved in an accident, physical injury is great and death is common. The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) estimates that there will be about 500,000 truck accidents, on average, each year. Commercial truck accidents happen more often in daylight and more on rural roadways then on urban streets.

Liability is based on a case basis but in many cases the truck driver is fatigued. In some cases the truck is overloaded or not properly secured. Falling objects can strike a vehicle and cause a deadly chain reaction accident. Many times people become nervous when in close proximity to large trucks and loss of control accidents can occur.

The Laws in Commercial Truck Accident Cases

The law regarding commercial truck accident cases is the law of personal injury and negligence. Huge trucks and full tractor-trailers are large, heavy and slow to stop in emergency situations. A loss of control from momentum can turn into a 20 car pile-up in a matter of seconds. Severe damages and injury include paralysis, catastrophic brain injury, loss of limb and death.

Due to the severity of the damages and the condition of the crash wreckage, the authorities often have a difficult time determining who is at fault. Accident reconstructionists are often retained by counsel to offer opinions of causation and fault by reconstructing the accident for the judge and jury. Commercial truck accidents usually involve multiple vehicles, sometimes from different states.

Selecting a Lawyer for your Commercial Truck Accident

Lawyers who focus on representing individuals in automobile and commercial truck accidents are civil trial lawyers or personal injury lawyers. Because of the particular issues involved in personal injury cases involving commercial truck accidents, many personal injury attorneys focus a significant part of their practice on these types of cases.

At Lawyer Legion, we created our directory of personal injury attorneys to help the public find a qualified attorney in a variety of practice areas such as commercial truck accidents. We organize attorneys according to the focus of their practice, their membership, and leadership in organizations related to vehicle crashes, and other objective factors.

Use our online attorney directory to find attorneys for commercial truck accidents throughout the United States.

This article was last updated on Wednesday, August 7, 2019.