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Missouri Employment Law Legal Resources

Employment Law Bar Associations and Legal Organizations

National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA) - The NELA is a national professional association of lawyers who represent employees against their employers and former employers in the areas of employment discrimination, illegal workplace harassment, wrongful termination, denial of employee benefits, and other employment-related matters. The National Employment Lawyers Association is the largest national association advocating for employees rights in the United States.

Missouri Government and Court Resources

Attorney General Office of Missouri

Attorney General Office of Missouri - The Attorney General's Office of Missouri, led by the Attorney General elected by the people, serves as the chief legal advisor and advocate for the state. This office is responsible for providing legal counsel to state agencies and officials, representing Missouri in legal matters, and overseeing law enforcement. The Attorney General plays a pivotal role in prosecuting and defending legal actions on behalf of the state, issuing legal opinions, and addressing a wide range of legal issues, including consumer protection, civil rights, and public safety.

Missouri Courts

Missouri Courts - The Missouri Courts are entrusted with the vital task of administering justice and upholding the rule of law in the state. Their duties include interpreting and applying the law, adjudicating civil and criminal cases, safeguarding individual rights, ensuring due process, and overseeing family law matters. The Missouri judiciary also addresses specific legal challenges relevant to the state, including matters related to its diverse communities and economic landscape.

Missouri Department of Labor

Missouri Department of Labor - The Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DOLIR) oversees various responsibilities focused on supporting the state's workforce, enforcing labor laws, and ensuring workplace safety. Its primary duties include administering unemployment insurance benefits, enforcing labor laws related to minimum wage, workplace standards, and fair employment practices to protect workers' rights, and providing workforce development programs. Additionally, DOLIR emphasizes workplace safety through occupational safety and health regulations, conducting inspections, and offering training programs to ensure safe working environments.

Missouri Legislative Branch

Missouri Legislative Branch - The Missouri General Assembly, the state's legislative branch, operates under a bicameral system, comprising the Missouri Senate and the Missouri House of Representatives. The Senate has 34 members serving four-year terms, while the House comprises 163 members serving two-year terms. The General Assembly is responsible for proposing, debating, and passing laws that govern the state. Its duties include formulating the state budget, levying taxes, and addressing various policy issues such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

Supreme Court of Missouri

Supreme Court of Missouri - The Supreme Court of Missouri serves as the highest judicial authority in the state, responsible for interpreting and administering the law. Its primary function is to review appeals from lower courts to ensure the correct interpretation and application of state laws and the constitution. The court hears a wide range of cases, including civil, criminal, and constitutional matters, and establishes legal precedents that guide lower courts and legal practitioners statewide. Additionally, the Supreme Court of Missouri oversees the regulation of attorneys, managing attorney admissions, setting ethical standards, and ensuring the professionalism and ethical conduct of lawyers across the state.

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