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Directory of Construction Law Attorneys

If you are looking for an online directory of construction law attorneys, then use the search features on Lawyer Legion. Our directory helps attorneys market their practice to their ideal clients. It also helps businesses when they begin their search for attorneys to handle a construction law dispute or draft a contract related to this specialty practice area of the law.

"Construction law" concerns the legal issues that can arise out of all phases of the design, procurement and implementation of privately and publicly funded construction projects.

In general, construction law deals with the relationships and transactions between and among financial institutions, lenders, sureties, insurers, governmental entities, construction managers, design-builders, architects, engineers, owners, suppliers, subcontractors, and general contractors.

Construction law requires knowledge of project delivery and procurement systems. Attorneys focused on the construction industry must demonstrate skills in the operation, negotiation, and drafting of construction-related contract provisions and documents. Experience with the applicable statutes and common law principles and doctrines is important to this practice area.

Construction law attorneys should also have extensive knowledge in claim presentation and development including:

  • construction-specific statutory claims such as the Prompt Pay Act and the Trust Fund Act;
  • special damages claims;
  • contract claims;
  • design defect claims;
  • performance bond claims; and
  • analysis of mechanic’s lien claims.

Legal Practice Areas Related to Construction Law

Aspects of personal injury law come into play in cases involving construction accident, injury and OSHA claims, negligence and other tort claims arising from design and construction activities.

Employment law also plays a role in private labor and wage claims (related to construction). Finally, construction law attorney must be experienced in judgment collection and enforcement and construction dispute resolution through mediation, administrative hearings, arbitration, litigation, and negotiation.

ABA Forum on Construction Law

Many of the top construction law attorneys in the United States belong to the ABA Forum on Construction Law. The 2020 Forum on Construction Law Midwinter Meeting is scheduled from January 23-24, 2020. at the El Conquistador Tucson in Arizona. The 2020 Forum on Construction Law Midwinter Meeting is sponsored by the ABA Forum on Construction Law.

At this meeting, the leading construction lawyers and industry leaders in cybersecurity and technology from across the nation will gather to discuss the future of construction and design, artificial intelligence, wearable technology, virtual and augmented reality, collaborative design, construction, and design risk management issues.

Board Certification in Construction Law as a Specialty

Over the years, construction law has emerged as its own specialty area. Several states, including Florida and Texas, offer a specialty certification or board certification in "construction law." When the construction projects are undertaken by the local, state or federal government, issues related to government contract law can emerge. Construction law is often closely related to "oil and gas law" or "energy law." 

In Florida, lawyers can earn a certificate identifying the lawyer as “BoardCertified in Construction Law.” The certification identifies lawyers in Florida "who practice construction law and have the special knowledge, skills, and proficiency, as well as the character, ethics, and reputation for professionalism, to be properly identified to the public as board certified in construction law."To qualify, attorneys must meet the requirements inRule 6-24.3, including substantial involvement in the specialty of construction law which is 40% or more during the three years immediately preceding the application. Attorneys must also show45 hours of approved construction law certification continuing legal education in the three years immediately preceding application. Additional requirements including peer review and awritten examination.

Texas also has a program for a specialist in construction law. The TBLS was requested to recognize a new specialty area of Construction Law, dealing with the relationship and transactions among various parties in the building of private and public structures. On April 15, 2015, the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS) proposed standards for attorney certification for construction law.Construction law was approved as a practice area for board certification by the TBLS in 2016.

Read more about becoming board certified in construction law by the TBLS.

Legal Issues Related to Construction Law

Legal issues related to construction law can include any of the following:

  • oversight and document review;
  • lobbying in governmental hearings;
  • environmental and building regulations;
  • review, draft and negotiating contracts;
  • construction dispute resolution;
  • construction licensing;
  • construction lending and insurance; and
  • the analysis and litigation of problems arising out of the Construction Lien Law and the federal Miller Act, 40 U.S.C. §270.

Board Certified Construction Lawyers

Florida's "Board Certified Construction Lawyers - read more about the requirements to become a board-certified specialist in Florida for "construction law." In 2004, the Supreme Court of Florida approved "construction law" for certification. Requirements include at least five years of practice with substantial involvement in construction law for at least the past three years, completion of at least 45 hours of continuing legal education (CLE) courses or seminars devoted to the field of construction law, peer review, and passing a written examination.

Texas's Proposed Standards for Attorney Certification - On April 15, 2015, the Texas Board of Legal Specialization published the proposed standards for attorney certification which set out specific area requirements for construction law.

Finding a Qualified Attorney for a Construction Law Case

If you practice construction law and are looking for ways to effectively market the services you provide to your ideal clients, or if you are looking for a good construction law attorney then consider using the online attorney directory for construction lawyers created by Lawyer Legion.

Our directory recognized attorneys practicing construction law throughout the United States with a particular emphasis on attorneys who have earned board specialty certification (if offered in their state). Several specialty bar associations also provide training and networking opportunities to attorneys focused on representing the players in the construction industry and others impacted by the work they do.

This article was last updated on Wednesday, January 22, 2020.