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15 Best Criminal Defense Website Designs

By: Jason Miller, CEO of Internet Lava

Our parent company, Internet Lava, designs and develops custom websites for criminal defense firms. We provide these services on an exclusive basis, meaning we only work with a single criminal defense firm in each market. With an exclusive project, we promise to not do business with your competitors. Our focus has always been marketing the criminal defense practice specifically. Check out our 15 best criminal defense website designs listed below.

What makes Internet Lava different from other legal marketing agencies?

Internet Lava

  1. Exclusive Projects - We won't do business with your competitors.

  2. Criminal Defense Focus - All our projects are specific to the criminal defense practice.

  3. Organic Visibility - We don't waste resources on low-quality leads from LSA or PPC ads.

  4. Custom WordPress Websites - You own your site. Cutting-edge and built for speed.

  5. Content-Powered Strategies - We assemble unique and detailed knowledge to attract your ideal clients.

  6. Long-Term Results - Everything we produce can continuously yield results for decades.

Learn More About Our Solutions

Our clients are well-established criminal defense firms who dominate their market online for their niche practice areas. We also work with experienced attorneys ready to start their own practice after leaving another well-established firm. Some of our clients are former public defenders or prosecutors transitioning into the private sector with a limited budget. Whether you focus on state or federal court, DUI defense, or felony offenses, we can help. Continue reading »

In this article, we showcase fifteen (15) of the top designs we created for criminal defense law firms to provide you with inspiration for your next project. Each website listed below was custom-designed by yours truly.

#1 The 420 Lawyer - Fort Worth, TX


#2 Joslyn Law Firm - Columbus, OH


#3 The Law Office of Kevin Bennett - Austin, TX


#4 Sammis Law Firm - Tampa, FL


#5 Susanne Gustin, Attorney at Law - Salt Lake City, UT


#6 Dallo Law, P.C. - Bloomfield Hills, MI


#7 Price & Twine, PLLC - Georgetown, TX


#8 McCarthy & Hamrock - Des Moines, IA


#9 Liberty Law Group - Omaha, NE


#10 The Law Office of Ashley Aulls - Brooksville, FL


#11 James Blumberg Law - Apple Valley, MN


#12 Law Office of Matthew A. Martin - Denver, CO


#13 Joslyn Law Firm - Cincinnati, OH


#14 Sammis Law Firm DUI Defense - Tampa, FL


#15 Horak Law - Houston, TX


Ranking online for criminal defense terms is fiercely competitive. To outrank the other attorneys in your area, you need a great design that is easy for the user to navigate. Most importantly, you need an easy-to-use content management system to add or update the content over time.

Instead of building your website on a proprietary platform like other companies, our sites are built in WordPress. WordPress websites continuously update the platform and work with more third-party applications and software. With a WordPress site, you can easily take your website if you ever leave our company. Very few in our industry can say the same.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your current website and internet marketing plan, what it takes to outrank your competition, how to get the most out of your marketing budget by keeping the costs down, and how Internet Lava can help you dominate your market as your practice grows.

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