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West Virginia Lawyer Referral Service

The West Virginia Bar Association sponsors a Lawyer Referral Service out of its offices in Charleston, WV. The Lawyer Referral Service is designed to help individuals throughout West Virginia find a local and qualified attorney currently taking referrals in specific practice areas of the law.

These lawyers are not certified in any specific practices that are honored by the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals but they may have experience or interest in that specific area of practice.

Contact Information:

West Virginia State Bar Lawyer Referral Service
Charleston, WV
Phone: 304-553-7220
Toll free: 866-989-8227

How the Lawyer Referral Service Works

Before you call the attorney you should decide what type of practice area you need an attorney in by searching by keyword or browsing the listed practice areas. Once you determine the practice area, search for an attorney by using your zip code.

Then contact the attorney and mention that you found them through the West Virginia State Bar Lawyer Referral Service. The attorney may agree to an initial half-hour consultation in exchange for a consultation fee of no more than $25.

During the initial consultation, you can discuss your legal concerns, possible solutions, and the attorney fees needed for additional representation.

Practice areas include the following:

  • Bankruptcy & Financial;
  • Coal Oil & Gas;
  • Court of Claims;
  • Consumer & Small Claims;
  • Crime Victims Compensation Fund;
  • Criminal Law;
  • Disability;
  • Education Law;
  • Elder / Seniors;
  • Environmental Law;
  • Employment Law;
  • Estate Planning;
  • Family and Divorce Law;
  • Human Rights;
  • Immigration;
  • Intellectual Property;
  • Insurance Law ;
  • Landlord / Tenant;
  • Legal Malpractice;
  • Personal Injury;
  • Public Utility Law;
  • Real Estate Law;
  • Social Security Law;
  • Tax Law;
  • Veterans' Legal Assistance;
  • White Collar Crime; and
  • Workers Compensation.

Finding an Attorney in West Virginia

If you need to find an attorney in West Virginia but you do not know who to call, then consider beginning your search with the West Virginia State Bar Lawyer Referral Service. This community-based public service connects individuals throughout the state with a qualified and local attorney for their case.

If you need to find an attorney in West Virginia, then consider the benefits of using an Attorney Referral Service sponsored by a local or state bar association near you. The non-profit LRS services pre-screens the lawyer for their good standing with the state bar and interest in a particular practice area of the law.

At Lawyer Legion, we understand that non-profit Lawyer Referral Services represent an important alternative to searching the internet or using a commercial attorney directory.