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Lawyer Referral Service in Onondaga County

The Onondaga County Bar Association (OCBA) operates a non-profit Lawyer Referral Service. This community based public service helps individuals and businesses find an attorney throughout Syracuse and Onondaga County, NY.

Contact Information:

Onondaga County Bar Association LRS
1000 State Tower Building
109 South Warren Street
Syracuse, NY 13202
Phone: 315-471-2690

Using the LRS of the Onondaga County Bar Association

The staff of the LRS is available during normal business hours on Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

When you call the Lawyer Referral Service of the Onondaga County Bar Association (OCBA) a trained staff person will talk with you about the case. The trained staff person or "Referral Specialist" will help you determine the type of attorney needed for your case. When appropriate, you will receive a referral to a qualified attorney who is experience in the needed practice area.

After you are referred to the attorney, you can contact the attorney for a telephone consultation to discuss your legal concerns and the attorney fees needed for additional representation.

The service screens the attorneys for their experience, qualifications, and ethics. Attorneys must be licensed to practice law in New York and members in good standing with the OCBA. The Lawyer Referral Service also performs certain follow up services to monitor customer satisfaction with the service.

Finding an Attorney on Onondaga County, NY

If you need to find an attorney on Onondaga County, or Syracuse, NY, then consider the benefits of using a Lawyer Referral Service sponsored by the Onondaga County Bar Association.

At Lawyer Legion, we recognize that Lawyer Referral Services in New York have stood the test of time. The LRS provides an alternative to searching on the internet for an attorney or using an online attorney directory.